Love Poems About Abiders or Abiders Love Poems
by Edmund Linton |
Categories: love,

Valentine's Day - UGGGH

Valentine’s Day:
The annual sabbath of pacifists,
exhibitionists,  and abiders,
conflated into a single wilting of wills,
destined to the jaws of a shredder,
or landfill,
blocking the visibility and scent
of sustenance for buzzards
and other parasitic organisms,
designed to sustain
the ecological balance of decay,
when if forgotten,
will leave one
in a similar state of graces
with the non-recipient
of manufactured gestures.
So don’t forget the impassioned poetry
stenciled across
a stock photo of strangers,
or the waxy bister
of formed chocolates,
or you might find yourself
listed among the outcasts  
who take a break from love
on Valentine’s Day.