Love Poems About Abidance or Abidance Love Poems
by Tim Hoffman |
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Under your spell
I feel my heart swell
Like an infection
You’ve changed my whole direction
That channels my love into a section
Of unending
Unbridled bliss
Give me something
I never want to miss
Our sacred silence
Shall be our guidance
To preserve love in abidance

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by deepak srivastava |
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Six -word couplet Series Encore

Acknowledge Love
Regardless of fear
We love dear.

          Living Love
Love an emotion
Life in motion

           What is Love
Love between two
Affection both knew.

Heplfulness is Godlike
Hatred I dislike

Spirituality is divine
All Gods mine

Preformance of duty
Is natures beauty.

Let be sure
For love galore

Devoted in feeling
Injuries for healing.

Thinking of Almighty
An understanding capability.

Follow the great
For extraordinary fate

by meru groen |
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The Joy of Being

The music of the cosmos uplifts the melancholia.

The rhythms of the beating free kidnapped happiness.

Like a wizard's crystal ball seeing inside of the heart. 

Traveling to that far place where love needs no ransom.

There is no temptation to sell a soul for shiny beads.

Where loves mission is simple pass it on to all you meet.

The beating begins pounding in the head then silence.

A moment of abidance and the sound of monks chanting.

Illuminating ideas and exciting realizations fill the mind.

A voice says, " the reason for being and the joy of it is one!"