Love Poems About Abhors or Abhors Love Poems
by Sandra Ramacher |
Categories: addiction, death, , sweet love,

One Last Hit

Purging, surging, my body heaves
Flaying, slaying imaginary dragons
Swarming beasties inside my pores
Those nasty little invaders, 
Those horrid thieves
Have infested my frail body
The one my nemesis abhors 

Lurking, smirking the dark one hovers
Smiling, beguiling he offers up angels
Soothing hungry desperation
Those soft enticing creatures
Those sweet lovers
Are surging through my aching veins
Offering me brief salvation

Quivering, shivering I emerge 
Bleeding, pleading for just a little more
Cravenness creatures howling echoes
The whimpering of my soul
The final dirge
My spirit joins that of angels
I leave my body to the crows

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: betrayal,

Love Lost

To drop my chalice filled with passion's pain
From crooked hands clenched in your darkest mind
Its wormwood drought, is less of bile that stains
Let spill and wash this earthen floor of time
Quickly flee from this dung lit realm of shades
And seek your silver  empty cup to fill 
In pouring fountains of the willing hearts
That always flow beyond the farthest hill
It's where I lost your love for evermore
Drift into dark before the setting sun
Fled my world like shadows the light abhors
Pierced my beating heart until night begun

A monument now crumbles in my heart
Left to lay as false love, a stone rampart

by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: faith, sin,


God sent his Son, so long ago,
To take away all sin and woe.
But many hearts were closed in sin,
The Holy Gift could not get in.

Thus we still have unholy wars,
The greed and shame our God abhors.
He sent His Son to bring us love,
Fresh from the Heavens up above.	

Those who have listened to His plea
Are from their sin forever free.
Love was the message that he brought,
Love for all men the lesson taught.

He weeps for those who turn away,
And longs for them unto this day.

by Odin Roark |
Categories: love, heart, heart,

Trampling Roses

Trampling Roses

How easy
For some
To quash
The very lesson
The what of question

The heart knows regret
The heart knows mistakes
The heart can be vengeful

Would that we could cut loose
Trappings of the past
Know that love abhors object seduction
Awaits the simple hint of innocence
Borne of self-love
Making honorable
The purity of enamored prescience

So many seeking
So many without compass
Trekking their emotional path
Through gardens of disillusionment
Not knowing
The trampling of roses
Bequeaths many thorn-laden messages
Awakening consciousness
Mind's nexus to heart

by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: inspirational, irony,

It is my habit

It is my habit I cannot hate
I love whom the world despises
what is so precious, my heart abhors
the common swimming pool
is not attractive to me in anyway
my nakedness it cannot taste
if a thousand is wrong and erring
glad that I stand alone for truth
that never withers

by John lawless |
Categories: longing, love, sea,

Life Spent

Life spent in lonely voyages of self
a solitary love of ebbs and flows
lies longing for the loss of inner wealth
await the distant tide of westward blows

Clinched fingers fail to grasp forever’s pall
slow filtering time’s sands cannot forget
lest pain usurp the harpoons lowing call
sit lost amid the troughs of time’s regret

Thus must old hardened hands consume worn oars
leave in their wake cold fear of yesterday
condemned to serve a master he abhors
long for silent beach and surf crest spray

For time and tide and men will fade to dust
lost vessels wash ashore to rot and rust.


Picture #2
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by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, philosophy,

I Love Advice

Advice came out her ying-yang.
Advice came out her pores.
Advice saturated her arms and legs.
Advice that most abhors.

We saw her in the grocery,
We saw her buy her cloves.
We averted our eyes and
We ran away in droves.

She appealed to children
Brought them candy and toys.
They gleefully opened the door
Ushering her in with all her noise.

Advice came out her ying-yang.
Advice came out her pores.
Advice saturated her arms and legs.
Advice that most abhors.

by kaveh afrasiabi |
Categories: love,

Heart's Invention

Come. Invent.
Do you believe in all these
fairy-tales about love?
Or are you a hardcore skeptic,
who abhors romance?
Come. Invent the ghost of love
perched on your porch like a
silk Persian rug. 
Love's a new mansion full of
possibilities, a heart's shrine,
be a faithful custodian.
Come. Invent. 
Let's face it. You need a whole new
wardrobe for your emotions. 
Stop procrastinating. Come.
Invent, a new destiny, a new
travel itinerary.

by Joe DiMino |
Categories: christian, faith, inspirational, light, love, truth, wisdom,


Abundance, is not the issue – 
God abhors lack; that is why
from the onset, our spirit, soul,
was well equipped for its 
journey – the problem is
the I, the you – that which 
we personally claim
becomes worthless. We 
are, at our source, a humanity – 
Love, may be the theme of
the day...but without Christ, 

it just another four
letter word....