Love Poems About Abhorrent or Abhorrent Love Poems
by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: color, desire, heart, light,


Neon lights of love
glister from the strobic sphere.
Is my desire abhorrent?

My head, spinning with
each phantasmagoric twirl, 
yearns for your adoration.

by Jan Allison |
Categories: feelings,


love devoted, affectionate adoring, cherishing, loving attraction, passion, bitterness, animosity despising, loathing, hurting acrimonious, abhorrent hate 11~-7~14 Diamante Contest Sponsored by Regina Riddle ~awarded 1st place~

by Phillip Garcia |
Categories: lost love,

Emotions To Dismiss

Though endings soon arrest litigious wrongs,
Injustice stains without impunity,
When who I’d rather share romantic songs,
Declares to God abhorrent thoughts on me;
In days from now when Marci testifies,
That evil lurks in me, a violent man,
She’ll have to look directly in my eyes,
Where she’ll see tears that still don’t understand.
My case is strong and lacks no confidence,
For truth determines judgment’s final rule,
But justice overturns by consequence,
That comes when soulmates end their vicious duel.
  I know my only choice was one to fight,
  But how can love on trial make matters right?

by Jennifer Proxenos |
Categories: tree,


A forest path does wind,
All shrubs with love entwined
Atop trees, monkeys live,
Another deathly strive
Abhorrent humans lie,
And trees, grass, shrubs will sigh
As oxygen will die

Unfortunately misread the rules for this contest, so I am withdrawing

Entering contest 
The " Pleiades 3 poetry Contest
Sponsor Joseph May

by Casey Strong |
Categories: love,

My Sydney

My Sydney,
From here to eternity,
You are my savior, my sanctity. 
When my soul was shadowed
You were rendered hallowed.
Lending me strength to fight
By being my beacon, my guiding light
Within my inner battle so stark,
One abysmally abhorrent and dismally dark.

Silhouetted in your shining radiance, 
You beautifully beckoned my presence
With your mere auras essence.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, beautiful, emotions, feelings, hate, image, love,

Love Versus Hate

love devout heartfelt doting nurturing sharing fervor passion nastiness unpleasantness blaming scorning hurting abhorrent flagrant hate (Diamante) 06,08,2019 Sparkling Diamonds Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Joseph May

by Sajdah Al-Riyami |
Categories: depression


Friend, Friend	
, Friend
Till you at long last 
My Moving Mouth
But not the poetry

I strive so severely
But the river
Remains on tumbling over
These crimson cliffs

I sense
Antagonism ache Rejection abhorrent asleep --
I am so asleep
Dreaming of 

And roving over why?
Am I never polite?
Am I never always...

I fancy Laughter, Hapiness, Attention, Love, and still
But this Night vision
Will be...Soft?

by Sotto Poet |
Categories: heart, inspirational, meaningful,

Haze of Abhorrent Mystery

Sulfuric dew sonatas, rustling in a bobby reek Vermillion of umbra and debased conundrums Rosemary pulp extracted from the pulpy bosom. wilting amid the cranberry tackle blubbering irises with a tinge of snow Crimson lava that has solidified. painted with the scent of murdered love No longer a viable supplement; prohibited. Lilith's spells were drenched in blood hype. In crisp dears, a neolithic Pandora box shivers. It drizzled a steely dolefulness across my core.
Written: December 12, 2022

by Chinedum Ekwobi |
Categories: god, hate, love, perspective, religion,

Kiss of Wisdom Blocked By God

I could prove a point thought misbegotten,
For long years packaged as Flatly Rotten,
I myself judged a spiritual loser;
Indeed, an Abhorrent option chooser!

But why, God had said so: "Esau I hate."
So, all his damned mistakes had flowed from Fate
"What's my birthright to me now that I'm dead?"
One, who just in the morning, had not fed!

"Right, agreed, you're Esau, then call Jacob"
Lion Jacob would have turned helpless cub!

Why hadn't Isaac Dad remembered this?
Lord God had that moment blocked Wisdom's kiss!

by Ryan Federkiel |
Categories: betrayal, blue, break up, heartbroken,

3 Months Rent Pif

My feelings 
Are torn
Between forlorn
-Happiness interjectings

Wasting time
Wanting different 
Outcome abhorrent 
Big crime

Dream shattered
Love squash
Memories awash
Fear projected

Wanting peace
Mind battle
Body tattle
Long lease

by Lady Mar |
Categories: anxiety, conflict, emotions,

Mixed Media

Sweet sweet embracing
Of windstorm and rain
Let them enfold each other 
And always so remain

Fresh fresh recycling 
Of sunshine and pain
No wish to stay together 
And never so remain

Deep deep endurance
And measures taken twice 
To keep the the bond together
But never never thrice

So so abhorrent
Is hate and love entwined
Let us work together 
To purify our minds

by Nathan Wilson |
Categories: anxiety, best friend, corruption, destiny, forgiveness, lost love, passion,

A Psychological Reflex

Labyrinthine notions of complex emotions
break through the mind with a crack.
Vulnerable pains bubble up once again,
as the memories draw the strain back.

How far does one go before one truly knows
that an abhorrent mistake has been made?
That ideas pre-grown as crops would be sown,
only shudder, and crumble; degrade?

A gathering web; spreads through your head.
It corrupts with a touch like a plague. 
No stone left unturned, no idea unburned.
Reformed, like your mind when it gave.

No where to run, each safe-house corrupted.
You did it yourself: the bed’s ready friend.
None come to aid, your life interrupted. 
A reunion has come, the darkness again.