Love Poems About Abhorred or Abhorred Love Poems
by Greg Easley |
Categories: hope, life,


postmodern means
of men, machines
faint vestiges
aimless to behold

that, Divina, we could leave tonight
we could leave tonight

to questions lost
in the meantime
your tongueful of answers
fall hollow and abhorred

tread no further
where further love
could be untrue
unknown to you

that, Divina, we could leave tonight
we could leave tonight

so here is to youth
here is to our own
sacred voice of will
tasting dissolution
in every given moment
we refuse to believe

that, Divina, we could leave tonight
we could leave tonight
would you want to?

by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: dedication, depression, devotion, friendship, love, passion, sad, may,

Burning On

My ache licks like a furnace, Silent Spark
For you have further prolonged my patience;
Building on the weak to perturb the dark, 
To surrender selfish sense of silence;
Your silence, an incision to the heart, 
Angers that which disappears out of sight,
That mocks life, to its desolate ill part;
Cowers me out, so far-sight may ignite.
Bright am I now, lost into void and woe,
A panic fire orb which hath poured;
My speech and my prudence still lacketh flow,
Blackened from all heat sorely abhorred
Oh, I do light thee well as I may try
For you I burn on, till the day I die

by Christy Teas |
Categories: deep,

New Dawn

Love wasted on the years.
Expecting the return without fear.
To be abhorred was last seen.
Taking flight of life's schemes.
Igniting a fire that burns bones.
Nobody knows.
Going and staying no longer sees.

Gilead is now on bended knee.
Only mocked and scorned to be.

The placement of deep agony and woe.
Wanting what never was had.
Wondering day to day the long weary road.
A traveler, a stranger, a far away lad.

Hoping peach and white.
Please don't fear the dreadful night.
A New dawn is there.
By Christy Teas

by Billy Tunk |
Categories: addiction, change, desire, heart, sexy, true love, women,

Chest Cavity V 2

Press into me- With all of your form swallowed whole as I press from my knees, Shake me... My sense of free- Is pulled from the flesh: stretch the root to my chest as you run, Through me... To recombine, Leave your mark and I'll promise to take all of these... Senses you rise, Into woe shared with others who can't be... Deep as I've seen Such a truth that your presence impressed into me Speak not to me, For your purpose is my secret, abhorred.

by Dr Hitendra Mehta |
Categories: love, nice, violence,

Baptise Violence

a negative word
a harming approach
a destructive action
damages assets and life 
abhorred by society
creates fear mongering 
disrupts harmony 
sows seeds of revenge 


it's interesting to know
Anagram of Violence word
gives two beautiful words
two positive words
two unifying words
two bonding words 
and they are 

Let's practice 
spirit in 
Anagram of Violence 
Lets baptise 
word Violence 
shun it's real
harming resonance 
and live as per
purified anagram
and drop acts, thoughts 
constituting VIOLENCE
© Dr Hitendra Mehta

by Natasha Jordan |
Categories: sad

In the Mirror

Hi there,
Do you remember me?
I'm still the same,
My body,
Is hated by
The only one who should
Love what they have

All I see when I look 
At my face
Are scars that will not 
Wash away

I see a person who does
Not deserve to be a part of me
Tired eyes from troubled tears
Blackness that covers
What isn't me
A body so big
It strives attention
When all i want to do
Is hide away
Fade into the atmosphere
Your everything I hate in life
Everything I despise I see in myself
One day I want to see myself
And not be abhorred 
By the illusion I see
In my distorted world
By the ugliness that sickens me

By you

Meaning me

by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: angst, depression, loss,

Who I Am


You say I am kind to say those things But somehow I knew no words could help I am dying in this useless play of words The way I make you stand tall Is a lie I just wanted you by my side But you never knew me. . .never knew me I have written down the things I long to do To somehow get it through to you We are strangers in our own terrain I scorch in sun you freeze in rain Take a look The only thing left are the words They never tell you who I am. . .who I am So I wait here in the dark all alone Knowing somehow that I will never be enough I lack all that you are And all that you love I am so self-abhorred I wish I was kind enough to believe I’m something more