Love Poems About Abhor or Abhor Love Poems
by James Fraser |
Categories: pain, sorrow, war,


Bore after bore fell silent eventually Abhor I do feel through my eyes Gore and sore now abundantly plenty Tore through clouds, wondrous skies Despair in abundance appears all around Where in the world has all our love gone Stare into our abyss, and see it abound There is no tomorrow, there is no dawn <*>

by Sophia Valentina |
Categories: jealousy,

Jealous Jupiter

Through endless, vast, eternal space
there hangs my most omniscient orb.
So far a dark and lonely place, 
no sunlight to absorb…
just as my dark and lonely soul, 
forever unexplored.

My many moons of sordid glow,
as all my suitors orbit slow –
but Titan’s love I longed for so,
forever mine ignored…
and left this dark and bloody spot –
forever to abhor.

*A comparison between a covetous, lonely love and that of Jupiter for Saturn's Titan :).
Posted and dedicated to Poetry Soup's Mark Peterson.

by Zoe Life |
Categories: sad love,

Weeping Widow

She waits by the river
Watching her withering shadow
Mourning pearls low
Dusting the ashes slowly
Deep within so lonely
Slaughtered body of her mate send shiver.

She quietly screams through her white veil
Stained in widowed red
Weeping willows dread
She prayed for grace
River took her in loving embrace
Her loud screams, echoes trails.

Passerby abhor
Some say we warned 
Many scorned
She painted her nude body with his ash
Ran along the banks in a dash
Her white veil waived a roar.

Date-August 31,2014

by Corinne Curcio |
Categories: funny, nature

City Sounds

Gritty city sounds
Nature’s sweet music abounds
So come on guys- lend an ear

Plump pigeons cooing
Fire escape a-wooing 
The notes of amour ring clear

What’s that? A “Squeak! Squeak!”
Poor mouse has begun to speak
Stuck to one of my glue traps

Surly gulls squawking
Their raucous way of talking
While dining on pizza scraps

Screeching love defines
Some caterwauling felines
With clamorous, catty glee

Such melodies soar
Though some of you may abhor
My tenement symphony

For The Sounds of Nature contest

by Paul Schneiter |
Categories: love,

Could I

Is it possible I could love you more?
Could your heart be more melded to mine?
Could I make your spirits higher soar?
Could I give your eyes a brighter shine?

Those questions I with guilty shame abhor.
They engender thoughts garnished in gloom.
Yes, I must confess, I could love you more
But HOW leaves me lost outside our room.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: love,

Not a Fighter

I'm a lover, I'm certainly not a fighter Some call me a coward, I'm just a writer Prefer love, not war War I abhor My approach to life is always brighter © Jack Ellison 2015

by Tim Smith |
Categories: freedom, fun,

Fabulous Fun Footles - Flashback

Late 60's Experience

we rock

Make Love Not War

smoke weed
then breed

My Ride My Home

bug van
keen man

Police Bust

cops nag
big drag

Protest March

this war

by Adeleke Adeite |
Categories: africa, america, analogy, black african american, bullying,

Is God White Or Black

If you must abhor me,
do hate me for real reasons,
not for my frail skin colour,
I am the Sun of all seasons.

If you must love me,
please love me for no reason,
not for the sparkles of my soil,
I crave a palace not a prison.

Is God White or Black?
O He made the Sun so bright
and moonlight a dusky sack;
same sky swaps day for night.

Is God a pios politician?
Cancer regards not your race,
Fall cares not about red roses,
AIDS spares not a flowery face.

We will burry you in the sky,
just because you are mr White
and before daylight distils
your skin colour will take flight.

by Robert Stoner Jr |
Categories: heartbreak, poetry,

Broken Love

Mind brooding I sit, shadows play upon the floor,
In turmoil comes, yet once more, scenes I so abhor.
Lingering memories,  the world turns as before,
yet love now gone with no desire to gain restore.

Her silken hair, eyes of blue, laughter to adore,
a touch so soft like morns breeze set my heart to soar.
Gowns satin, finest lace, and jewels in galore,
a smile so warm men swoon, her favor to implore.

Come early home there brought a sound I must explore,
two bound in loves embrace viewed through bed chamber door.
My eyes must lie, through tears a scene of sins amour,
my love, my very breath... deceiving wanton whore.

Robert Gene Stoner Jr ©

by Bawa Talwar |
Categories: absence, allegory, allusion, anxiety, appreciation, beach, beauty, betrayal, butterfly, christmas, husband, mom, money, motivation,


I have cheese before I eat something 
 Blue cheese is not an  exception
I can have it anytime  n   love it with anything 
I know being obese , its  intake I must ration

Irresistible  is caramelised onion pizza with blue cheese topping
I can stuff myself  till I bloat n can eat no more 
Brinjals on the other hand you will never see me eating
As this  vegetable    I  just simply abhor

I've  tried various  recipes  but loathed it more than before
But hated  it more n more ,so Brinjals I  keep  offshore.

by Paul Schneiter |
Categories: love, prejudice,

Love Cannot Die

Once birthed in the human heart, love cannot die.
Its host may abandon it, but it has a life of its own.
It becomes an eternal verity perpetuated on high.
Legions hail it, claiming it in mind, brain, and bone. 

Love prevails over all hatred civil humans abhor— 
Over war and prejudice and acts that make us cry.
Those who practice love are believers to the core
Their very lives echo the truth that love cannot die.

by Teslim Badmus |
Categories: love,

Passion of Love



by Xavier Keough |
Categories: devotion, faith, introspection, life,


Are there spires of salvation
tearing through your sin
anchors of admonishment
splintering hypocrisy to wood
Would you die for your beliefs
beaten bloody and religiously raw
mocked as a penniless sycophant 
crucified before a mother’s love
Do you cry for the suffering
like disease ravages the poor
dressing their weeping wounds
with the righteousness you abhor
Do you believe in blasphemy
the absurdity of an ethereal grace
judging a man’s convictions
for the apathy in his wake

by Debjani Mitra |
Categories: crush, cute love, deep, emotions, heart, i love you, love,

Focused Love

Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses??

----------------------------------------Focussed Love-------------------
Her gorgeous eyes
jeopardize men,
in ties of love. 

Glasses she wore
to abhor them,
ignore passes

Focused lens woo,
inside view deep
"I too love you".

Dated 30th January, 2019
Than Bauk Poetry Contest
Sponsor Charles Messina
Syllable Counter of poetrysoup  4 in each of 9  line

by Stephen Parker |
Categories: lost love

Love's Crumbling Foundation

You beckoned me to love's door; The
steps you gilded with hope, and glossed
with a libido to score. With an open window
to heart's latch, on amor's ledge we
ballasted unbridled passions with reason's 
cerebral core. O'er time, your corrosive nature
did fealty's shutters crack. Your flamable
ego the fragile beams did retard. Consuming pride 
through the patchwork frills did bore. Your inflexible, 
jealous studs did my mercurial grooves abhor. Your
intemperate binges jammed the maleable spring on love's 
hinges evermore. Duplicitous actions stripped the veneer 
from ground floor. In love's final absolution, mortar's 
bonding glue from foundational blocks severed.

by Kanu Ekpezu |
Categories: anti bullying, confusion, corruption, faith, fantasy, growth,

Path To Perfection

The path to perfection I tread
Forgoing the things I abhor that I did
Sometimes it seems my destination is near
But sometimes it seems I will never get there.

I do the wrong and say the riight
I love the lies that says am right
I seek from others nothing but the truth
But when the bitter truth about me is given to me
I hate the truth.

I've thought I made no mistakes
That all I give is all it takes
But now I pray to find my failures
For then is only when I can find a saviour

by Lu Loo |
Categories: betrayal, sad love, september,

Our Hurricane

Gales and gusts,
cyclones of mistrust-
tempest abhor,
our twisted lust.
Squalling wind
gone insane-
since you've left,
my life's a hurricane. 

Wretched wailing, 
sleet and hailing- 
fervid moments...
this idle bailing.
Vile storm,
unsafe and warm-
bitter weather
in late September,
your hurricane is 
all I remember.

for when we met our stars aligned, 
and in a glance our love defined-
we are beauty and passion combined, 
but now you're gone...
                         a hurricane designed. 

September 12, 2017

by Robert Bryan De Jesus |
Categories: love, me,


it only takes a sideward 
to see you wave; my 
peripathetic mind 
takes in that sight of you. 
pain is but a stroke of luck 
and the decency of the hour 
id just a sideward glance that reminds 
me of my nature 
today i awoke with the consuming 
knowledge that i would 
abhor every passing minute 
you, so far up there, and i, 
it makes me wonder, such a 
distressing thought, 
if by any chance you think of me too.

by Ashley Wakefield |
Categories: dream, freedom, passion, political, power, sea,


Rain and passion meet
Where the waters break against the shore
An outbreak of memories greets the oncoming tide
And the souls that haunt the waters take me for a ride
They take me to the black depths where I can hide
From the laws I was naively compelled to abide
Wishing I had the power to settle the score
Against the spiteful people I now abhor
The pain that radiates from their very bones
Clashes with the anger they seem to enthrone
They can never feel the love that they constantly deplete
I was battered and broken and had to retreat
I could no longer face the lies and deceit
Retreating to the roaring sea
Where I could be completely free

by Hebert Logerie |
Categories: anti bullying, black african american, courage, endurance, inspiration, sports, war,

The Underdog

Anybody, who is struggling,
Is my people
The one with the color purple,
Who will one day earn and own the ring.

I love fighters, who are not backstabbers,
I don’t like haters or fake-lovers,
I adore freedom fighters
As I abhor bullies and predators.

I love the underdog,
Who works smart, trains hard
And who fears neither fire nor fog.

That doesn’t mean I like Mr. or Ms. Frog,
The one who will commit fraud
In order to win like a casuistic coward.

Copyright © September 2022, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved
Hébert Logerie is the author of several collections of poetry.

by Lu Loo |
Categories: love hurts, song,

Tried To Save Me-Bohemian Rhapsody

I knew not of raptured pleasure,
just remorse beyond measure-
I sought not moments of mystery,
as my iniquity went down in history.

Problems began the moment you died,
they all blamed me and I just defied -
I promised I'd never seen you before,
but we all know that I broke down and lied.
Now I deserve the worst of abhor-
I killed you....     wanted to save me...    oh, how I tried.

I chose Bohemian Rhapsody 
July 29, 2017

by Alisha Groves |
Categories: death, friendshipme, me,

Deadly Embrace

You see me crying,
You watch me sigh,
The tears stream down my face.

I see you watching,
You wish I’d die,
But I can’t leave this place.

What they say is true,
Love me,
Adore me,
Hate me,
Abhor me,
There’s nothing I can do.

You watch me dying,
You whisper lies,
Your hands tighten the shoe lace.

I know you’re smiling,
I’ve glassy eyes,
My body in your embrace.

This is copyrighted material. All rights are reserved. Reprints must be requested in writing to 
the original author. © Alisha Groves

by Cheryl Koko Koomoa |
Categories: absence, angst, change,

Overflowing Reservoirs

Sometimes the thoughts of you
bring a melancholy tune to mind
of rivers overflowing memories bank
a reservoir of love, lust, pain and loss
looming in a moody blues sky

Dancing to a favorite song
looped to play over and over again
 like tired sonata, redundant of a drama
never rehearsed for the final scene

While I adore the rehearsal to kiss you, taste you,
digging in soft paws to cradle your essence
crawling into a bed of pheromones
 perfumed masculine scents

I abhor the final scene
When the script calls for me to arrive home late
to find crumpled sheets of paper strewn
with pathetic excuses and lies
 the hastily penned poetry of your goodbye

by Ilene Bauer |
Categories: food,


Mushrooms are the type of food
That cause a certain attitude
In those who see them on a plate –
It’s either love or it is hate.

To me, that pungent, earthy smell
Is one my senses know quite well
And thus my taste buds come alive
When mushroom dishes do arrive.

Yet others blanch and will reject
A meal or dish that’s mushroom-flecked.
That loamy scent that I adore
The mushroom-haters do abhor.

But it would really be a waste
If smell alone deterred a taste
For fungi lovers would lament
Repudiation due to scent.

by Jan Allison |
Categories: scary,

I'Ve Gotta Hand It To Pa

A severed hand drips scarlet blood as it waves its last goodbye It rises up, falling with a thud I’m just terrified, I cannot deny It starts to creep across the floor to where I’m rooted to the spot My Pa makes gory props, his job I abhor but spooky horror films I love a lot Something Spooky 8 to 16 lines Poetry Contest Checked with rhymezone Sponsored by Tania Kitchin 10/17/21