Love Poems About Abeyance or Abeyance Love Poems
by Mike Roberts |
Categories: absence, i miss you, love,

Till the Next Time

How long since we last met,
mutual pleasure
held in vacuous abeyance,
how long since we last touched
moments to treasure
in suspence without conveyance,
how long since we last kissed,
the softness of your lips recalled,
a silent eloquence,
how long since we last hugged,
thoughts of your caress
a warm rememberance,
how long since we last loved,
memories banished,
replaced by breathless anticipation.

by Satish Verma |
Categories: life, love, peace, philosophy,

Can You Take Me To My Home?

The valley holds on, to murder
of moon, behind the trees.
It is dark and clouds are meditating.

You think of a perfect horror
and a poisoned arrow flies straight
into heart of a blissful sun.

It is red, splattered on the wounded sky,
scrorched by shrill cries of crows.
It is dawn.

You feel intense penetration of separateness,
from the beauty of a drop,
reflecting the wholeness of an ocean.

The stress starts breaking you.
Can you take me to my home, into abeyance?
My wakefulness, reaching by silence?


by Anais Vionet |
Categories: lust, political, teen, truth,

Young Republican

You’re so HOT when you lie to me
young republican
I love your insurRECTION
I prefer my men dumb and dishonest
so come Lie with me
give me your BIG one
about how Trump won and 
how the big steal couldn’t be stopped
ooo, slower, yes,
Tell me what a strong-man Putin is
with truth in abeyance
Yeah, uh huh, like that
Oooo.. uh..
restrict me, control me.
take my choice, my privacy
Ummm.. yeah..
right there..
impede my vote.. yes, yesss
Keep, keep, umm..
nothing’s wrong
don’t stop, don’t stop now..

by J.Koladi Samson |
Categories: lost love, life, winter, life, winter,

In Every Winter I Write


Every winter I write
Not to you
Let God forgive .

That day you told me
Of fence and fantasy
If life is kept in abeyance ,
If life is kept in my hands,
You'll not be the chosen one .

I look through kaleidoscope
Objects I see tantalize
Condescension of life
Tunnel of love and light .

Dark clouds invade sky
We grope out to find life
Or our space
Will be occupied
Byanother souls .

You speak of sprits
Their spaces and mobility
Visiting us often
To feel us
Our lovelessness
What will they think of us
Our life and theirs !!!

by L'Nass Shango |
Categories: father, friendship,

Missed Opportunity

Because you are young and I am old
Does not mean we both cannot feel the cold
And I had wish to share a blanket warm
Before one of us come to the end
I wanted just to sit with you and hold
A pole or rod in the water spinning 
Yarns about the life of disinterested fish
Answering that question of boyhood wish
And bonding before our final parting
That I may bequeath the love in abeyance
Held in reserve to my sorow and annoyance
The young missed the real so much in each play
I missed the opportunity we might have had today.

by Kurt Philip Behm |
Categories: joy, love,

Life's Greatest Curse

To be loved but not liked…
  the greatest curse of all

With joy in abeyance
  so near—yet so far

(Villanova Pennsylvania: July, 2018)

by Ibohal Kshetrimayum |
Categories: adventure, age, allegory, analogy, angel, animal, anxiety,

Invisible Man

I am your invisible man,
Who is weary of revelations.

Warmth from a rub,
A cry, and the tremor
Are all within sight except your love,
Which remains defiant.

I drag a corpse
Whose funeral
Is kept at abeyance
Until you see my face
Every time you unbotton yourself
For your visible men.

by Debjani Mitra |
Categories: bereavement, loneliness,

Unwritten Absence

Sunday morning sunshine in your absence
adrifts my yearning in winter breeze cool
I sink or swim, doesn't make a difference
the white swan ponders in a shallow pool

Incomplete journey, some for no reason,
You moved on, perhaps migrated like birds
my blank canvas of pallid spring season
calligraphy strokes of unwritten words.

in chorus of wind, air is thick and dense
lyrics forgotten for a song composed
evergreen pine tree holds in abeyance
plethora of feelings, all undisclosed

Your lingering presence...all my ink spills
no words on your tombstone, engraved love fills.

by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: appreciation, heart, life, love, truth, universe,

The Cost of Truth and Love

Who comes with a self sustaining fire
To hold inside the heart for our survival
For you and I there is no gravity
Between the stars there are no secrets
No place to hide from truth and love

There is only love and us contained
Stars are born to burn complete 
Who can hold time in abeyance in the void
There is no margin of error in the universe

Paradise is just around the corner of a smile
Where penetrating light arrives my love
Burnt in the mind and soul of truth
Self sustaining light comes at a cost
Where is it now so I can buy it