Love Poems About Abetted or Abetted Love Poems
by Swairik Das |
Categories: depression, loss, lost love, sadlost, lost,


I lost my mien I lost my unity
To the shadow of tartarus 
Abided by the doom of iniquity
To the horde of vicious
Ached by the blamed chastity 
To the blood of befouled gravitas.

I lost my alias I lost my faith
To the detainment of my goof
Abetted by the aphotic myth
To the trait lacked in proof
Copped by the dummy world so lyth
To the wraiths of swallowed truth.

I lost my anima I lost my chaste
To the roguish sprite
Plied by paroles jest
To the hearsays that parroted bright
Retained by the sight lest
Where I lost my being I lost ardor ignite. 


by William Cruse Jr |
Categories: life, passion, people, cry, people, time,


It's only, so much love you can give
It's only, so long you can live
It's only, so much pain you can take
from time to time, people do make mistakes
It's only, so much time we have
for people who've done bad,they must feel GOD's wrath
My life is so hard, I dont cry tears, I cry blood
I've been beaten like the slaves, and dragged through the mud
the sinners abetted me in the wrong way
they didn't know any better, that's why they did what
they did, and called it a day
I saw desperate times, with inconsiderate wealth
But they didn't know their destiny, was buried in hell
the Heaven I see, I see it as a glorification
I see it as God's greatest creation