Love Poems About Aberrations or Aberrations Love Poems
by Albert Ahearn |
Categories: love, passion

Winds of passion

The September odoriferous winds
Are not unlike my lover’s perfumed breath.
Their sometimes subtleties, like cherubs wings
Moving warm fragrant air across the earth;
Like unto slumberous respirations
My lover’s exhalations warm my bed.
Yet winds must change, their aberrations,
Those once heated airs turn to rage instead
Whose blustering breaths blow prodigiously
Like our passion’d breaths from pillowed-heads,
Panting, respiring uncontrollably.
December dawns, the wind is lulled unwed
And virgin snow falls onto earthly spread.
Thus, not unlike this maiden in my bed.

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: judgement, love, spiritual,

Love non-judgmental

Recognition non-judgmental accepts,
Respecting journey of each soul presence.
Arms open in embrace, love stands erect,
Gently steering other in playfulness,
Subtle fragrance of childlike innocence.
No evil in any is resident;
Aberrations we see, misalignment.
In timeless time all align as ordained,
With love sublime in joyful contentment,
Unifying with God, pure and unstained.


by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: spiritual,


Presence centred in the void fearless
With the thread of truth in alignment 
Outpouring love in silence & stillness 
Motiveless flows in quiet contentment 

Empathetic & warm to agitated souls
Recognising aberrations as temporary
Tranquil compassion making all whole
Radiating joy in gentleness sedentary 

Reaching out in an impulsive embrace
Flowing in the continuum with elation
Both imbibing & radiating divine grace
The flow of life itself is our meditation