Love Poems About Aberrant or Aberrant Love Poems
by Paul Schneiter |
Categories: death,

It's Over

I wondered in my shallow years
how I would know it was time to die.
My youth marked it the least of my fears
but now I know, I confess with a sigh.

There is a bothering in the bones
they seem too wear-weary at the core.
The mind, too, signals aberrant tones
the time is nigh, Reaper’s at the door.

Then there is a flickering in the breast
like the flame of a candle burning low.
The signs read as one:  eternal rest.
Grudgingly, I conceive it’s time to go.

What I wondered in my shallow years
my body now exhibits in carnality grim.
Leaving behind all I love brings tears
Will anyone ask, “What became of him?”

by Max Ortiz |
Categories: anxiety, i am,

This Is I

Guilt engulfs me.
Every step, I fear.
I am not innocent.
I am Deception.

I fear trust, responsibility
I fear love
such fragile things
for my soul to handle.

My heart has gashes
my life, callouses.
I haven’t learned the lesson
So, I fear being a person.

Instead of coming out stronger
I ended up weaker.
Things that used to be normal
Is now something aberrant.

I am a person
who is afraid of being like this,
of being treated like this,
of being loved like this.

I deserve none
yet you offer many.
I am nothing
yet you see me in everything.

by Dave Collins |
Categories: fate, identity, longing, love, meaningful, proposal,


Longitude, latitude lives
we strain in this existenance
Inner exuberance, outward compliance
can we exorcise all our ignorance?
redefine our pleasuredoms to
potent people preferentials, 
delivering stations of better times
avoiding being lost in aberrant moments
cautioning our latent pastules to levy.
Let us now recreate the mirror of
many measures, wherein the 
night begins and all love
resides from within.

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: forgiveness, poets,

Soup Mail Follies

Soup Mail Follies Never use it to destroy a poet. Because it's the sender who gets joy from pain in doing so. Our world has enough problems in it, no? Why crush a poet's soul? There's something aberrant in it. Pray for the sender.  Delete the email. Above all, do forgive! Pick up your shining pen. And I say, in God's name.. Begin a new poem right then. Love~ Panagiota June 12, 2019 Noon PST

by Melani Udaeta |
Categories: emotions, feelings, love,

Trust Issues Tri Cube

Trust issues,
restrained heart 
left frightened;

is so hard;

Could someone 
just love me
without cause?