Love Poems About Abercrombie or Abercrombie Love Poems
by Anna Hopper |
Categories: happiness,

Things to love

Neatly lined crayons
Perfect, pointed tips
 Abercrombie jeans
Stretched across my hips

Victoria’s Secret
Whispered in my ear
Lyrics, I won’t forget
Truths I want to hear

Puppy breath and coffee
Two distinct aromas
  Sugar for my sweet tea
Lime for my coronas

Rays that fight the clouds
To fall upon a limb
Faith without a doubt
Book without an end

by Karin Edwards |
Categories: family

At First Sight

(In Memory of Frankie Abercrombie)
(Dedicated to Regena and Frank Abercrombie)

As he from darkness
Came to light
Did he grin at Daddy
With a smile So bright
While holding onto the Umbilical
Cord, using all of his Might
Since, A child's love for Mama
Comes as god-given right
But, it was like he knew
Inspite of his plight
That He and His Daddy
Would be Real tight