Love Poems About Abel or Abel Love Poems
by Wadih Maakaron |
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My First Love

Whatever happens I'll always love you

Cheftik bi nhar kanoun
W tala3et bel sama
Elet ya rab lech sayer majnoun
Hayda 7elem aw hayde 7a2i2a
Njoum el sama kella
Saro yebermo 7awalayke
W hadafon bi hal zyara
Ysir ydawo metel 3inayke
Lebnen ya balad albe
Kif m5aba hek raw2a
Jamela malak el denye
W kel el2loub bi 3youna
Abel ma te5la2e
Ken el kon bala me3na
Hala2 bi ma ennik mawjoude
El 3alam le2a amira 
Ba3ed ma 7adan stehal 7obik
La2ano ma fi 7adan men moustawa jamelik
Ktir mabsout enne t3arafet 3alayke
La2ennik cha5ess byeswa el jane
5alike mabsouta ya amira
Kermel kel hal denye
De7ektik ya zahra
Bet waze3 kel el ma7abbe

by Patricia L Graham |
Categories: appreciation, bereavement, blessing, eulogy, poetess, spiritual, wisdom,

Maya's Just Gone, Never Forgotten

My tinnitus was off the scale
The day before you passed away
I’d wanted, needed much to cry
And having many reasons why

A pregnant woman stoned to death
You fought for freedom, took your rest
Cain was marked for murdering Abel
Where laws don’t protect, is love enabled?

A little still bereft you’re gone
Having never hung my arms around
The head that inspired many to rise
Above assaults, above hate crimes

Your words encouraged folks to choose
To wonder, teach, transcend the blues
In language rich and movement tuned
To grow in spirit great as you

by Anil Deo |
Categories: bible, humanity,

For Charlie Smith: Paradise Lost and Human Nature

SENRYU dedicted to Charlie Smith: May 7, 2017.

idyllic orchard many fruit trees – but a tenth – His tithe, we stole, ate
Adam and Abel saw life and blood sacrifice Cain gave God veggies
we bribe God on terms we choose - one Son loved Father - we nailed sins on Him
what love is this LORD You paid for disobedience with BLOOD of Jesus

by Mel Brake |
Categories: betrayal, faith, family, lost, lost love, mother, son,

Two Sons

A mother had two sons
Their names could have been Cain and Abel
Cain did not kill Abel 
But Cain did destroys the hopes and dreams of her other children

A mother had two sons
Their names could have been Esau and Jacob
Esau did not assume any interests or responsibilities for his younger brothers and sisters 
But instead Esau abandoned his family like his father before him
And sailed around the world in abandonment 

A mother had two sons
Their names could have been Joseph and his older brother
Once a wise woman said to their mother that one day the younger son will 
grow tall and solid like an Oak tree and he provide a home for you and the 
other children

by Micheal Jenkin |
Categories: life

Best Way To Fall

At the birth of my heart
Fireworks and butterflies
Hot blood and fever

But doctor said its not a strain
But a common game
For Adam and Eve
Cane and Abel

For every body falls;
My pastor, my teacher
My tailor and you

Not in the ditch
But in LOVE
And its not how many times you fall
But how deep and how well

For the first time in our lives,
We all want to fall and not to rise
Never, again...fall in love

by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: father, love, peace, religion, thank you, upliftingme,

Whenever He Commands, I Will Obey

Whenever He commands, I will obey...
devoutly drawing my plan today;
promising not to ever disobey,
or turn everything into disarray.

I will obey, whenever He commands me,
because He has made an instrument of me:
to bear witness and growing in faith daily;
I will soon climb the steps leading to eternity.

I will not hide whenever He seeks Abel, not Cain;
that thundering, echoing voice will be heard again,
reminding me that I must withstand any inflicted pain...
only divine love can free me from this heavy chain.

by Richard Immanuel |
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I arise in love with love it grows its fruit out of my wings love makes my heart sing, romance. love makes me selfless in a state of agape. love keeps me thinking in isolation, hoping in dejection. love makes me express on bed of roses entangled an intertwind in bliss woven passions that rejects lust, yet invites love. the necter is sweet as pleasures trancend and ravish my trinity oh love is faithfull, willing and definately able. oh definately able! Love existed before Cain killed Abel It will bring joy to it's possessors Captivating it's keepers Uplifter of weepers Bringing pleasure to those who express it, who grow it live it make it.

by Hgarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: death, family, friendship, life, love

A Life - a Tear

As the Daffodil , lives every Year in the spring of Life
As the Memories of a Living Tear, live an Eternal Life
Those in Heaven, Whom we LOVE, do not Know "Crying"
A Tear “to them“, is Immortal: Washing the Fear of “Dieing”

When Cain Killed Abel, an “ Immortal Tear was Born “
Passed on to Generations, and for the FOREVER Life “Adorn “

           YOURS ALWAYS, in LOVE : HG ( Harry ) 

                                To be Continued

by Austin Clark |
Categories: how i feel, i love you, love, sad love,


Lost in thoughts and emotions, always wondering why.
She loves to be with idiots, even though i am the guy.
We've been friends for years, a brother she never had.
Always been by her side, even when her mom left her dad.
The emotions at an all-time high, not sure what to do.
The sauce is thicker than ever, like a triple cheese fondue.
I pour my heart out to her, leaving it all on the table.
She says, "I wish i had a guy like you."
That statement like a rock; she was Cain and I Abel.

by Debbie Walker |
Categories: betrayal, feelings, mother,


me from
you taught me to walk
so why circumcise my heart mother
your love is like the serpents lie to eve- deceptive
behind these forbidden doors you delivered blow after blow as Cain did Abel

Writing Challenge
Dear Heart

by Aa Harvey |
Categories: age, family, flower, food, love, truth, writing,



Raising Cain or raising Abel.
Raising Hell upon a table.
Raising flour, picked a flower that I liked.
Lost it in an hour; dead flowers covered in spikes.
Raisins are not nice but I still eat them,
Mixed with chocolate; food and I are friends again.

Junk food belly is on the way so I eat green.
Already grey; ex does not recognize me.
Nothing new to say, but hey!
That’s the way it is today.
Forever sinking into a solitary whirlpool;
Still acting King whilst in reality a fool.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

by Kelsey Graves |
Categories: allegory, bible, change, culture, growth, simile,

Biblikel Seconds

The right to be right, 
Works poorly in flight, 
Or unused in spite,
Of a righteous plight. 

A right not inherited,
To be used when merited,
Sounds trite when parroted,
With 'Now look what it did'.

Parents love Abel,
In the famous fable,
Leave the first-born unstable,
Putting murder on the table.

You see, first was placed first, 
By forefathers well versed,
So future children be not cursed,
By Second and minds of the worst.

We cannot be so blind to believe,
Like the famed Adam and Eve,
Protecting the Second will leave,
Our First without grieve.

by Aa Harvey |
Categories: angel, fire, love, song, stars, drug,

Oh To Be So Bold

Oh to be so bold.

My lady in your eyes, I can see the fire light.
I can see fireflies fly, around your mind sometimes.
You’re mine to love and to hold and to be so bold,
As to tell you how I feel, before we each grow old.

You’re the heroine of love and I kneel before you;
You’re my one and only drug and I need you to love me.
You’re my maiden of lust and my summer tune;
You are my roses in the garden and my love in bloom.

There’s a beautiful horizon and I’m heading for the stars.
I’m in Heaven with my angel as she dances on the table;
We’re together like Cain and Abel but there’s no trouble
And this is no fable.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

by Mugisho Theophile |
Categories: anxiety, corruption, education, endurance, journey,

Breastfeeding a Snake

Adam and Eve, God created 
Things and animals, He made
Good are some, bad are others
Like parents, children hardly behave

Costly is making a child grow
But strongly, mothers hope 
The child will grow certainly 
To become responsible

To feed children, mothers sacrifice
For true love they have for humanity
But when they grow mature,
Abel and Cain, they change into

Dangerous children’s prongs become  
For breast and courage offered to Cain
Energy and time vanished ungratefully
But the motherly heart rests unbothered

Poem by Mugisho N Theophile

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: voyage, war,

War of Good and Evil

the Cain and the Abel,
appeared at the love contest,
for a beauty!

oh! scarified the beautiful dove
both of them
on the sake of the Examiner,
they expected good result
though one of them was not perfect examinee

ah! became disappoint the one!
won one the beauty
(cause beauty always for the beautiful mind!)

oh! happened there
first killing scheme
and winner one was killed by the defeated one

started since then
the war, between the good and evil 

-Sunday, July 7, 2019 Chattogram

by April Belin |
Categories: birthday, blessing, child, day, dedication, for him, love,

Happy Birthday Abel Belin

Momma loves you Aunty loves you Uncle loves you Grandma's at work or Bingo Papas with Grandma EVERYONE LOVES YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHI YAZHII