Love Poems About Abed or Abed Love Poems
by Pace INK-U-SCRIPT |
Categories: friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, life, love,

Drowning Deeply in LOVE

                Lips touch the tip of morning with the awakening
             of thine eyes,
           by inexhaustible
            thoughts of only 
             you. Drifting away
              from abed, thoughts
              trace in tandem with
             thy body in lost sight
           within the flat-bottomed
         vessel. Water pouring
       down accreting to the
     seductive oils
     forming to

Pace, G


by Charles Henderson |
Categories: love,

The Celts

I love you he said as he lay supine abed.
Through veiled tears masked by a smile,
she glowed comely, masking fear and dread,
kissing weathered cheeks, gently,
her wares availed
and duly spread.
A gift of love to offer only one.

All pangs of fear now fled,
the child bride smiling all the while.
A woman now, resplendent dwells instead.
Taking charge of things anon,
she quickly whisks the room.
Baking yeast bread;
akimbo, she smiles….. “Clan Gunn” !

by daver austin |
Categories: lovevalentines day,



February 13th
My God
Tomorrow is Valentine’s day
Should get her a card
A heart-shaped box of candy
I should write something
Mind a blank
House needs cleaning
Dishes to wash
Oh yes
That too
Snowed last night
Walks need shoveling
Car battery bad
Might not start
Should go to grocery
Dog hungry
Cupboard bare
Oh well
To hell with Mother Hubbard
I’ll sleep thru till Monday 

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends on the soup. Love, daver 


by A.E. Rivenbark |
Categories: love, lust,


black petal lips
and budding hips
with soft sighs she sips
a pitcher of wine rose
moon kissed locks
and dainty socks
cups that overflows
apple cider eyes
and vanilla bean skies
a dull ache mulling
his deep voice lulling
french tipped nails
abed rigid sails
air brushed smiles
and earthly wiles
a blackberry haze
her integument maze
he does explore
she does adore

by Abed Anthony |
Categories: me,


father, brother, friend, counselor
Brother of late Gabriel, Mary, Pokedia, Salome and Elizabeth
Lover of poetry, Volleyball, and basketball
Who feels love, pain and sympathy
Who fears disappointment, disagreement and hate
Who would like to see Athens, Brazil and Palestine
Resident of Mwanza, Tanzania

by Lin Lane |
Categories: love, morning,

What Lies Between Us

Daybreak arose when night had passed Lush meadows mantled with drops of dew Craving, I eagerly broke the morning fast and eagerly reached my arms out for you Our hunger sated, but we lingered abed Once again, we were starving to death What lies between us are silken threads of love and whispers with sighing breath

by Donald Meikle |
Categories: life, love, me,

Amused disuse

Waking, realizing dawn was past 
Hearing a background noise
Some what like a wet tin whistle
Child blown in a futile attempt at a note
“What kind of bird is that?”
“A red winged blackbird”
She rose and left me lying abed
Wondering what else she lived
That I missed so easily so busily
So lazily dependent on her living
So easily a part of it
As she is so much of mine
The smell of  grinding coffee
Led me down the stairs
Some where there’s a poem
To pen on this awakening
To mild frustrated fear
What powers of observation am I
Losing to disuse
Habits help to pass the time before
The coffee kicks life up a bit
Amusing to the muse

by Kurt Philip Behm |
Categories: destiny, wedding,

Destiny Wed

In the Song Of The Muses,
  the Prince heard his Queen

Now locked in a convent,
  her beauty unseen

The tower lay distant,
  its ramparts on guard

Just one point of entry
  a hero’s reward

The mist in the valley
  its prison to free

Through clouds in the distance
  her pleadings, her screams
Two miles before him
   all love waits abed  

The future unfolding
  —his destiny wed

(Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2016)