Love Poems About Abecedarian or Abecedarian Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
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My Hero

My hero has a name which has lived on
through history with great respect and love.
Though decades since his time has come and gone,
there’s no other leader I can think of
who cared so much for all those for whom he
was representing in high government.
Though poor, he rose up, and a destiny
of greatness he fulfilled as president.
A nation divided had to be kept
from separating. War had to be fought.
So many died. For that, I’m sure he wept.
Yet assassination fell to his lot.
He freed the slaves; there was no better than
dear Abe, a self-taught, honest and good man. 

Nov. 26, 2017 for the Hero Contest of Silent One

by Sue Mason |
Categories: faith, family

Moments of Prayer

How's my Coretta?
Oh God, I rest knowing love.
Thank You for our life!

     For Abe Lopez contest

by reyhan yucebay |
Categories: peace, people, philosophy, political, visionary

To catch the momentum- Abe-

May be is forgotten
I am the light in his dreams
Love and respect for him

In memories I catch to him
Walk to momentum 
In love become  of live

In shadows turn corner
Woves of  fight walls in light
In clear deeds piece in  future hopes

-Your truthfulness
  Fight  in truthfulnes making this  country  in destiny 
We all in piece to survive-

by Ross Thompson |
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Can it

Why do I chase the atom?
when the universe has always been mine.
Can love evolve from red giant
into a galaxy?
Dust and stone
become skin and bone,
born; fall and rise again.

I love the black holes
of your eyes
for they radiate
much more light 
than they could ever take.
White hot coals made to rake
caked surface of my lungs.

How I long to see your breath
steam up the silence in my soul.
Droplets, turn into rapids
and rush my question away.
I tripped; stumbling
my spirit crumbling.
Hold; release those fingers.

Strength born of sugar
does not last, and it feeds fear
I need complex and organic
Can rotten become fresh?
Carry the inner babe
Cain and brother Abe.
Save: heal the tether.

by PAT Adams |
Categories: passion, perspective, poetry,

The Masquerade Party

The masquerade party theme was to show
What your love life is like for all to know
One man without blinkin'
Said, "I am Abe Lincoln,"
"My last four scores were seven years ago!"

by Matthew Anish |
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Morning Meditation

Here at the coffee shop 
I discuss capitalism vs. socialism with the young barista 
I don't want to get shot for writing a poem 
So I do not intend to emigrate to North Korea anytime soon 
Have not travelled much as I would like to 
But I have been to Israel where they just had a bruising election 
which the USA will have soon 
Poetry is much nicer than politics - for the most aprt 
Old Abe Lincoln wrote verse as did Eugene Mc Carthy 
Maybe we of the "soup" should form a politcal party 
our platform will be more readings for all 
Peace. power and love 
shoudl be our slogan!!

by Jean Ward |
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Singin' Right Can Never Be Wrong POEM 4 of 4


Dear heart of mine,
I ask for your hand.
Let me love you...always,
we will walk hand in hand.
Hand in hand, Molly and Abe,
sunshine and in shade.
Forevre then, forever then,
completely unafraid.
Completely unafraid...
Just two young contrary souls
with kids to fill a home.
Never alone, never alone,
two souls growing old.

Two souls growing old,
Mrs. President and thee.
Whatever will be,
whatever will be.
Marry, marry me,
marry, marry me.

'cause right can never be wrong,
right can never be wrong.