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by Shajid Khan |
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Tribute to APJ Abdul Kalam

Tribute to APJ Abdul Kalam
Most respectfully dedicated to
Shri APJ Abdul Kalam,
Our beloved Ex-President of INDIA

You left us with a shock
You left us with a tear..
You left us with your books
You left us with your words
You left us with your missiles
You deserve not just a word
but phrases,
To properly describe you
To honour and acknowledge you
To show the respect we have for you
We say 'Kalam Tujhe Salaam"
You lived as right as a man can live,
You showed love and respect for fellow man,
You led by example to things Godly
And even in death,
You were there for the young minds

by Abdul Malik |
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Dear Joe

I have a mouse
in my house,
In my house
is a naughty mouse.

He scares my Mummy,
He tickles my tummy
and nibbles at my toe,
Yet he is my dear Joe!

He steals my swiss cheese,
My cake and my pie piece;
He sleeps in my bed
Wearing pajamas red.

He goes out on a date
and comes home late,
Sometimes he makes me mad,
At times happy, at times sad.

But my love for him is such
I love him more than too much,
He is dear Joe, my pet mouse,
Right here, in this very house!

"My Pet" contest by Broken Wings
Abdul Malik, 12/05/12

by Mohammad Yamin |
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Valley of Love

Lost in love’s valley
Like fragrance of a rose 
In the morning breeze
I’ll not be I then
I’ll then be you.

(Inspired by the seventeenth century mystic poet
 of Sindh Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai’s poetry)

Sintra, Portugal 25/01/15

by Abdul Malik |
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Gazelle Eyes

My love, my world revolves around your mystifying gazelle eyes-- When you look at me My day begins, When you lower them My sun sets!
~Visual 3 / Words 25 Abdul Malik 06/12/15 "Through Your Eyes" contest by nette Onclaud

by Manmath Dalei |
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Dream is  passion
passion means pain,
Without pain
there is no gain,
Let us take an oath
to make our dream
better and best,
With maximum effort
and minimum rest.

Duty is god
god means brain
without brain
duty creates strain,
let us take an oath
to make our duty
smoother and smoothest,
with maximum effort
and minimum rest.

Love is life
life means dream,
without dream
life is a crime,
let us take an oath
to make our life
easier and easiest
with maximum effort
and minimum rest.
As per India's Ex-president  Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam "Life with no dream is a crime" 

by Abdul Malik |
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Justice Served

Is there a way
to deal with the past
And forget for a time
long enough to last?

They say forgive and forget,
You'll live your life easy, you bet!

Yeah! forgive the one
who did you bad--
Are you kidding me?
Screw the bastard!

Eye for an eye, oh! feels so right,
Kick the scoundrel out of sight!

There are times to be nice,
Love for love’s sake,
And there are times
To weed out the fake;

Justice must be fast, fair and square
Before someone hurts—beware!

Abdul Malik, 08/20/15
Tammy Reams "Justice" contest

by Abdullah Alhemaidy |
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Both are nice

Both are nice
Both are cool
They go fast
Not that rule
No control!
What should say?
Oh Abdul!

by Abdul Malik |
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A walk in the park

With a heavy heart and laden feet
I step again into a domain where nature
perennially is in a state of spring,
But there’s fall in my world and gloom
For I had once walked hand-in-hand
this very path with my love in bloom
And had woven some fond memories on
this park bench which now sits forlorn.

Abdul Malik, 08/31/15
Sense of Touch contest by nette onclaud

by Abdul Malik |
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Hooray! Hooray!!
Amazingly exuberant happiness
Palpitating from my 
Pounding crazy heart
Imbuing latent and
Nascent feeling of love with
Extreme exhilaration--
Sans grief and woe--
Scrumptious jolly ho oh!

~Abdul Malik / 12/14/15
~Happiness Acrostic contest by John Hamilton

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A tribute to Dr Abdul Kalam

You are great 
Your cotribution to nation is so much
We love you very much
You always teach
We consider it as you preach
Long live your glory!
Your demise makes us worry
Though you're wise,remained calm
Illiterate empty vessels always harm
Among wealthy showoff leaders
You proved you're a simple leader
At present ,leader means corruption 
How you're away from such an institution 
Many bachelor leaders are money lovers 
But you love nation and students
You're not only teacher of students 
You taught a lesson to the universe
What to dream,and how to live
for a nation to become super power!
India salutes  you,the rocket president 
Abdul Kalam the great!

by Abdul Malik |
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Monsoon Mourning

Again this loneliness
Again this pain
Like a desolate place
Oh my heart aches
Heavens come to my aid
I grieve in vain
Let us together cry
Ere love forsakes!

Abdul Malik, 08/19/15
Visual of a Verso contest by nette onclaud

by Abdul Malik |
Categories: allegory, life,

Door to Door

A door to my home
Or it's a door to my heart?
Maybe a door to my mind,
A door to paradise
Or just a door leading nowhere?

Where I go and rest,
Where love helps dispel my fears,
Where life's mystery unfolds,
Where my soul's last abode,
Where in I venture and get lost!

~Abdul Malik
~Door to Wayra

by Rehman's Khan |
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Abdul Qawi
Az ibtada ta intaha ulfat ka sikandar
Reham dil muhibey watan mahabat ka qalandar
Alim fazil meharban aur qadar Shanas
Shanti ka dai resham ka libas
Mehfil ka char Chand jis say ronaq chahar so
Muatar az atar mehman nawaz mamla feham nihar mun.
Note. Dedicated To Mufti Abdul Qawi.
Lesson. Bad acha badnam bura.

by Rawalpindi Islamabad |
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Mufti Abdul Qawi

Exquisiteness of Mufti Abdul Qawi
Mufti Abdul Qawi is the name of peace.
Mufti Abdul Qawi is the name of Love.
Mufti Abdul Qawi is the name of romance.
Mufti Abdul Qawi is free of spiritual Bugs.
Mufti Abdul Qawi is free of greed & avarice.
Mufti Abdul Qawi is free of prejudice..
Note.You call it madness but I call it love..