Love Poems About Abduction or Abduction Love Poems
by elizabeth landon-lane |
Categories: devotion, fantasy, happiness, love, fantasy,

Re - Runs

The fantasy begins behind closed eyes:

I am entering a Summer forrest
Verdant green and whimsical.... 
The fantasy breathes..breahtless laughter
Filling lush, unencumbered life,
And we become:


Firm young bodies and enduring love,
Unending love...
With rich young men
Handsome into heartbreak
Hopelessly devoted to the pleasures
Of pleasing me...

The very best Daydreams
Are always in 3-D...

by chris bowen |
Categories: art,


barking dog outside
little grey men approach.wrote.
the story of love

by Linda-Marie SweetHeart |
Categories: love,


"Abduction" since the moment of encounter love kidnapped a heart ... my heart ... fashioned by passion sculptured by sanctity one introduction caused disruption craving abduction to start.
*For my great "one of a kind husband" Ron ... *For Dana'lynn's The Girl Contest.

by macy southern |
Categories: loveday, love,

open heart

my emotions vulnerable to your seduction
my love taken by your abduction
feeling your presence, a wonderful essence
open heart, open mind, open arms, all the time

dreaming of the day when i say "i do"
dreaming of the day when im only with you
hearing your voice, i know i made the right choice
open heart, open mind, open arms, all the time

seeing your face, my heart begins to race
seeing your face, then our lips embrace
held in passion, love in action
open heart, open mind, open arms, all the time

by Neldy Jolo |
Categories: abuse, appreciation, art, beach, beauty, blue, boat,


I love the island.
Island is no man.
When peace is none.
Beautiful island.
With beach.
And white sand.
Before I don't feel the fear.
Fearsome here.
Fearsome there.
Fearsome tell.
Old business dear.
Trade with with slavery.
That's only history.
Shouldn't happen today.
Tomorrow would be great easy.
No abduction.
Fearsome no more.
I love you peace.
Layag Sug!

Daira Semporna

by Mintra Mankasingh |
Categories: 12th grade, conflict,

If Time Stood Still

If time stood still
If life was not such a run of the mill
The world would be a better place
Equality and kindness
Towards each and every race

Wars of all sorts;
Chemicals, diseases,
weapons of mass destruction 
Leaders of the world
Have us all under abduction

Hatred and anger
Causes our world,
Our lives,and souls 
To live in constant danger

Peace and harmony
Death and matrimony 
Love and romance 
Would allow that one last dance

For if the time would stand still
The world would be a better place 
With equality and kindness
Towards each and every race

Written by Mj Mankasingh Jan 4 2018

by James Fraser |
Categories: history, lost love, love, people, places


Trojan Abduction Borne in Greek legend she is Sparta's King declares

by John Bertin |
Categories: blue, dark, goodbye,


grabbed by your firm hands
then felt your soft hair
and briefly, the windowsill
and going down, down

into a dark grotto
badlands of memories
so much rainfall
without even a sky

I pushed up the steel cover
to take deep breaths
return to submerged
a toothpick embedded
in purple gelatin

love stained the floor of my life
it was spreading outward
take a sponge
make love a perfect trapezoid

by Regina McIntosh |
Categories: autumn, evil, fear, halloween, holiday, october, seasons,

Halloween Hope

Halloween often brings out The alien, vampires and goblins Who crave to suck your blood Feasting on your heart’s hope With diabolical plans for more Trickery than treats, leaving You paralyzed by the abduction Of your joy and gentle promise Which keeps you feeling certain That love always wins in the end! This is a cautionary reminder That evil is the devil’s pleasure, Leaving you a little less blissful! Words Used: alien, blood, cautionary, vampires, trickery, abduction, paralyzed, Halloween, feasting, diabolical Halloween Challenge Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Emile Pinet October 18, 2020

by Jake Brown |
Categories: depression

Alien Abortion

I flunk in love
I flunk in socializm
I flunk at school
I flunk in sarcasm

Destroy the fate
and still i hate
the fact that your around

i tape my mouth
but still i shout
as we beat down the baby hound

the aliens abduction
of the creation of the nothing
and revise the sites on earth

but time will always relapse
and the samething will happen again
and the child will be killed before birth

So all i can say is:

I flunk in love
I flunk in socializm
I flunk at school
I flunk in sarcasm