Love Poems About Abducted or Abducted Love Poems
by Beth Himor |
Categories: dream, emotions, for him, love,

Dreaming of You

I saw a shadow in the night
Opened the window, the sky was dark
But this figure of man was shining bright
Want to be abducted, I won't fright

I was dreaming of walking in the shore
Though I was always with a man with face unsure
His heart was like a water, so clear and pure
When he held my hands, I felt so secure.

by Rosanna Tarsiero |
Categories: allegory, love, visionary,

Colour of your soul

It takes but one
glance at you to 
fall into your
eyes fatally

with your voice, nailed
to your heart and locked up
inside your mind, I am
set on 
by the way you 
move and speak 

From your
garments your essence 
spills out to
me in towering
of destruction so I can 
pretend nothing 
is happening.

But when I see your 
and body
wrapped in the colour 
of your soul my guts 
helplessly begging
for you to 
me once for all.

by Andrew Travis |
Categories: desire, i love you, longing, love,


You got me feeling Tongue tied up Up and otta sight But your love keeps me alright Blindfolded by your touch I cannot hear much But what I make out I find that maybe In time you will let me Be free, There's nowhere I'd rather be Than right here, You and me You abducted me Only so I could see A love with you Is the only truth I need

by Frank Guglietta |
Categories: people,

A Friend Without Feelings

How big can the ego's grow?
How wide can the eye glance? 

              The playgrounds with 
purple slides are abandoned. 
Children are not
permitted to play. 

Youth is abducted by screens,
artificial sounds

Taught to love a black screen
Taught To march quietly 

Minds are lost; 
like an old mans will to run.

Categories: allegory, allusion, confidence, heartbroken, metaphor,


My heart of flesh,
it still beats, but it's human...
Tired and broken...
I am therefore
a man of heart
spiritually broken since
that my ethereal heart
I was abducted...
for an unrequited love... !