Love Poems About Abduct or Abduct Love Poems
by jai Garg |
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Dream Flower

You make me go insane with your love,
And though I dream of a soft gentle form,
Your raptures abduct my passions,
To fulfill the latent ecstasy;

I long for your touch in the whispers,
The tingling of music as you sing,
In the wetness with the tears of joy,
That breaks into your heavenly smile;

Infect my song with warmth from your lips,
In melodious notes charmed with love,
Tuned to aspire our dramatic dreams,
Instant reality we wish to seek;

Come to me as I breathe selfless warmth,
Paralyzing my vibrant quivers,
With your extreme untamed desires,
As I yield to your closeted snugness.

by Country Girl48 |
Categories: depression, hurt, i love you,

Leave, Go To Her

Why kiss me, when it's meant for her?
Why hug me, when your arms want to be around her and not me?
Why make love to me, when you're picturing me as her to be?
Why say, "I love you" when your heart doesn't belong to me?

Oh, those eyes say it all, it tells when you lie,
It tells when you no longer want to try.
They really don't want you there, want to say goodbye.
They say it all, so again, why try?
Author Notes

You abused our kiss to abduct me
and held my voice captive in your mouth.
Your eyes latched at my sanity
sneakily stealing the last bit of sense. - When titles Fall by Eric56(
© Melanie . All rights reserved, 2 days ago

by Ashley Daly |
Categories: devotion, imagination, love, mystery, passion,

A Simmering Smoke Surrounds Me

A simmering smoke surrounds me
And it’s you
Coming to abduct me 
From this life
I’m in your world now
Fenced in by loyal love
Confined by durable devotion
Would you mind
If I stayed forever?

by Hannington Mumo |
Categories: devotionmay,


I love the break of a new day
Despite the disheartening fact
That yesterday I may have lost the way;
I'll never let past regrets abduct
What the future for me labors to create;
I'll instead for days of relief wait,
Even though they may seem to tarry
And the approach of strife appear to be in a hastened hurry!

by Marie Pearl Rojas |
Categories: deep, nostalgia, solitude,


You are the windows of the soul
of stories unrevealed, untold
of whispers unheard, unspoken
of feelings buried, long been hidden

where cunning madness reflects from within
where past is freed from deafening pain
where love rises resiliently and recklessly
where anger shows - sharp and deadly

which hold bitter, binding lies
which bear sweet, sundering truth
which captivate madness in to sanity
which grasp a wise mind in to folly

abduct me from this loneliness
conceal me from this desolation
lock me up from this grief and misery
stow me away from this surreal reality...