Love Poems About Abdominal or Abdominal Love Poems
by Zoe Nye |
Categories: angel, angst, crazy, desire, how i feel, women, words,


If I told you I nearly fainted today
trying to make my pussy taste sweet for you,

(I'm allergic to pineapple,
         by the way)

and had to toss back a glassfull of baking soda
water to quiet the abdominal creature
spitting y o u are the rosebud
my dew longs to rest upon, 

would you think I was crazy? 

Funny, self, 
she does not know
how aching things rejoice in spillage,
fractures, she says 
there is stillness in God. 

See Jane pump out love poems 
for a lioness gazing at the sun. 

See Jane's words fly off with the cranes. 

there is only us, 
and the spring.

Categories: allegory, allusion, appreciation, extended metaphor, funny, humor, irony,


               Look at that kindhearted gentleman:
                   The most mature he gets,
                     further "prominence",
                  Less erudition, and
                        mental... !

              Wish you to stay  the same ? eat much and exercise less...
                Exceeding , further and less love...
                Eat even further and read each
                time less, and less...

by Tony Bush |
Categories: love, autumn, love, time,


I love you more each second passing, 
Abdominal somersaults tell 
Of butterfly summers blazing, 
Sweet spring rain that fell. 

I love you more each minute dying, 
Acrobat heartbeats yearn 
For more time in your presence, 
Some sign of your return. 

I love you more each hour fading, 
Contortionist cravings cry 
For autumn leaves and winter snow, 
Soft silence floating by. 

I love you more each day imploding, 
Treasuring time that flew, 
Magnificent monument memories 
Of you and I, we two.