Love Poems About Abdication or Abdication Love Poems
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The long dead life

Looking in the mirror
Dead eyes blunted and wasted
A broken face scarred and withered
The smile a whisper of sand on a ocean desert
Tiny downward curves mirror either side
A face of abdication and abandonment
No fight left, no warrior left standing
Time pushes me backwards to stumble over life
Long spent tears and love curdled
Once unmovable now unmoved
Rejecting the image in hateful disdain
Pity for the life betrayed
and mourning the long dead life

by Gershon Wolf |
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To the Rescue

It's getting hard to write poetry
  with the hatred going on in society

Here's to permanent emnity-abdication
  Light and Love to the rescue, our salvation

by Joe DiMino |
Categories: christian, inspirational, love, perspective, spiritual, truth, wisdom,

Truth And Love

Contrary to modern palates, 
truth does not come in preferred
               nor does truthful meaning
morph into something more suitable 
to any particular taste – truth is truth, 

as time is time, when squandered,
a fool’s passage….

               Love, alone, is
truth’s equal; Love, the only
journey worth no
truth can be found outside of
love – 

      we love things into

and live that pulsing light 
of pure spirit

or die an eternity of fruitless

Death is not God’s chosen

It is the manifest lie 
of our own abdication –