Love Poems About Abdicated or Abdicated Love Poems
by niyomi shah |
Categories: angst, beautiful, depression, emotions,

the burnt beauty

the tears of futility rain,

on her beautiful stained frame,

color crimson runs the lines,

of the paths etched into her mind,


but it cant hurt, say those who care?

the relentless laws of pain do not spare,

a lot respect, a lost pride,

 The tears that she denied


fear, ambition and passion drove,

a lust of work to a lust of love,

droplets from her eyes course down,

alas the queen abdicated her crown.

by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: humorous, love, marriage, romantic love,

King Eddie The VIIIth And Wallie Simpson

King Edward The VIIIth, pitiable blighter, abdicated the throne.
He had the hots for an American divorcee - this the Brits would not condone!
He was King for a spell and the paramours continued their torrid romance.
They later wed, he was busted to Duke of Windsor and they settled in France.

Wallis Simpson was middle-class but knew how to climb the social rungs.
She was twice divorced which triggered a legion of wagging tongues.
They met at Lady Furness's digs and Wallie thought Eddie not all that sexy,
But they wed incurring upon The Archbishop of Canterbury a case of apoplexy!

Entry for Carolyn Devonshire's "Clerihew Couples For Valentines Day" Contest
(10 January 2019)