Love Poems About Abdicate or Abdicate Love Poems
by Deborah Burch |
Categories: allegory, life, love, metaphor,

The Oak Leaf

The Oak Leaf

Tenaciously upon its bough 
The wintered, withered leaf
Sustains the Southern wind somehow
Like breakers on a reef. 

Each naked limb...a syncopate...
In "New Orleans Rag" time
And time again to abdicate 
This clinging from its clime. 

Aloft, above, abreast a hive
Of busy buzzing bees...
The taste of honey brings alive
A temporary tease;

But in the distance, thunder shouts
And lightning cracks the skies...
The circ'ling West wind joins the South's
As every leaf mound flies. 

Still sticks the withered leaf above
Like honeyed toast...cohesing love. 



by Amanda Spence |
Categories: life, love


You abandoned such an innocent soul, 
and set thy heart ablaze.
To abdicate the only one who accepted your imperfect ways?

Countless hours we'd sit and converse, 
who knew it'd end this way?
We use to speak of forever,
now there's nothing left to say.

Our love was ment to be timeless,
to weather and storm;
how could a bond that felt so right turn out to be so wrong?

No matter what the future holds,
we'll both realize in time;
it's complicating,  munipulating, no use complaining;

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: allegory,


Dive into your dream
Work to make it mainstream

Your heart and mind clear
Body and soul spark cheer

Your time and space well
Live passion where you dwell

Quit when you're ahead
Meet the fear that you dread

Live love that blossoms
Be love that's most awesome

Destiny aligns fate
Live here and now not late

Leon Enriquez
13 August 2018