Love Poems About Abby or Abby Love Poems
by Merissa Hardaway |
Categories: art, best friend, black african american, conflict, friendship love, irony, women,

Dear Abby

Girl, where you been
relaxing to a tune

Girl what you doing tonight
Doing my toes tonight

Girl that's a plan way ahead of schedule
what time tonight

Doing what is right
absent in thought
really want to get out tonight
don't feel the thrill

Girl what you putting on
The best you ever had

Don't put me down
Just open your wings and fly

by Wanda Daugherty |
Categories: anniversary, best friend, encouraging, food, girl, giving, youth,

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Look out Abby! Don't you cry!
Grandma's gonna make a pie!

Grab some flour! Don't make a fuss!
Add some fat, we'll make a crust.

Work it, roll it! One, two, three!
A little water, and we shall see.

Roll it till it's nice and flat,
Like Grandma's old communion hat.

Chop the apples add the spice,
And brown sugar, that'd be nice.

Stir them up! Now ain't this fun?
We'll add a lot of cinnamon,
Top it with another crust,
And some butter, that's a must.

Apple pie, we know it well.
Especially we love the smell.

It's best to top it, so it seems;
While it's hot with sweet ice cream.

Look out Abby! Don't you cry!
We're gonna make an apple pie.

by Matthew Thompson |
Categories: america, blue, girl, lost love, love,

My Angle

Abby,the name of an angle 
blond beautiful hair 
oh that face, a beautiful face
one of an angle, my angle
blue worm welcoming eyes
that is her eyes,that is her name 
is as beautiful as her hair

by Joe Smith |
Categories: cute love,

For Abby Hurst

A beautiful girl is what you are.
You have your demons, but so full of love
We have yet to meet, but that does not bar
Our friendship because when push becomes shove

I trust I will be able to rely on you,
And hope you feel the same for me
Because my feelings for you are true.
I’m writing so you will see

Although I cannot paint your beautiful face,
Or the golden locks showering your shoulders,
In my heart you have a very special place,
For in fact, you are my heart’s holder.

I’m excited for the day we meet
Because I know it will be a splendid treat

by Abby Kr |
Categories: art, cheer up, friendship, friendship love,

Aggy and Yashy

Yashy and Aggy
They like to waggy
their tails
and they've got nice nails

Yashy likes mashy
Aggie likes Maggie
They both like Radi
And they both hate Abby :(

by Robert Pettit |
Categories: children, love, marriage,

Abby and Jake

An enterprising widowed woman is Abby McClure. She owns and operates a lumberyard, and is financially secure. Her sister Maxine can't stand to see Abby unattached. She knows a man named Jake Iverson, and gets them matched. Jake has a daughter, and Abby has three boys. All of the children are considered great joys. However, the marriage requires everyone to make adjustments. This puts this newly-formed family into unusual predicaments. Do you think this union will work out successfully? All you have to do is watch the movie. Based on the 1968 film "With Six, You Get Eggroll"

by George Aul |
Categories: loss, together,


The day became silent
not in a happy manner,
the world was lighter
not by much - but still significant,
the sound of tears falling
echoed into the night,
life once lived now gone.
How can it pass so quickly?
A decade seemed like a day,
time now frozen 
in this shaken soul,
no more greetings,
no more kisses,
no more handshakes,
no more sendoffs,
no more anything,
only silent barking now.
Goodbye faithful friend,
farewell and love always!

by Sean Ness |
Categories: angel, farewell,


The moment the angels,
Came and took you away,
Our life's have got harder,
And harder each day,
The tears that we've cried,
This pain that we feel,
We know in our hearts,
That we'll never heal,
But we know that someday,
We'll see you again,
To hug and to hold you,
Our love never ends,
But until that day comes,
Be strong and be brave,
When you look down on us,
Princess give us a wave.

Sean Ness