Love Poems About Abbreviate or Abbreviate Love Poems
by cortney bartholomew |
Categories: absence, fear, freedom, lost love,

Your Heart On The Line

the happy state, ignoring to flucuate,
the quick fix-it mentality to abbreviate,
in busyness cannot stop,
to take the time to sit down and talk,
with rushed assumptions, turning backs,
wow, ain't nobody got time for that?,
confined in mime, still standing in line,
the comfort of conformity in the song that's chimed,
would you move if it meant to step out of line?,
to prevent yourself from being paralzed?

by Elex Williams |
Categories: beautiful,


An entity that has the power to mold, destroy, or even create, 
However, one cannot even abbreviate
Or even constructively deviate
From the definition of it's true meaning 
A purpose for cleaning
Any thoughts that are cruel and demeaning
It's existence is very clear
Can't be broken down, for it it pure
With only messages to encourage or endear
Love just is...