Love Poems About Abbie or Abbie Love Poems
by daphne moran |
Categories: childhood,


Can we play vets?
Yes Abbie
My Tiger is ill
Yes Abbie
He swallowed some stones
Yes Abbie 
Will you take them out?
Yes Abbie
17 stones
There were 20 Nanny
Love you Abbie 
Love you Nanny

by john castro |
Categories: love, day, beautiful, beautiful, day, love, i love you,

A Fathers day to Abbie

The day I became a father to a beautiful baby girl 
I had tears of joy and happiness that she came into my world 

I held her in my arms as she lay there on my chest 
A miracle that God had sent me to show that I  was blessed 

Now all the problems of my life seem so far away 
because my heart belongs to you and my love is here to stay 

You have been my sunshine since the day that you were born 
and ever since that day I have yet to see a storm 

Everyday is beautiful wherever we may go 
I just want to say I love you I just thought I let you know 

and even if that day comes when the angels call my name 
don't feel sad nor sorrow for my love will never change