Love Poems About Abbas or Abbas Love Poems
by abbas kiamiri |
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Come Back

come back and light up love's shrine
in this lonesome, heart of mine
come back,get me back eyes' sight
take me out of,the realm of night
come back , make me feel inspired
fulfill what,we've always desired
come back,bring us back minds' peace
how long more,should I beg you this?
come back and inspirit this lorn
blow on me, like breeze of morn
come back,our love ,can be restored
let,s heal our hearts, to be adored

Abbas Kiamiri

Copyright ©2006 Abbas Kiamiri 

by abbas kiamiri |
Categories: inspirational, love, passion,


love is tender, love is kind
it's the magic, hard to find
love means sharing,all your fears
sometimes it makes you shed tears
love is to fulfill your dreams
it's eternal , never it gleams
love is the sense, to endear a soul
a virtuous passion,aspired to extol
love knows no boundaries nor race
in all tongues ,it embraces grace
love is glory of two hearts bond
outdoing visions, if you respond
love is a tune , inscribed in code
a verse which mellows to be an ode

Abbas Kiamiri

by abbas kiamiri |
Categories: nature, nostalgia, places,

The Nature Of My Mother Land

Tulips are dancing to the rhythem of breeze
Robins are singing ,atop, the old oak trees
Quails are waltzing , in a graceful pace
Butterflies hop ,from this to that place
Eagles are gliding down for a prey
Squirrels run for their lives, astray
Overhead , the sky is clear and blue
Underneath stretches the sea,what a view
Lovers on shore,sit in pairs and watch
Prints on sand "LOVE",one,in a touch
Sea,sand,Sun,love,silence and peace
Childhood's nostalgia,which ,I do miss

Abbas Kiamiri

by abbas kiamiri |
Categories: devotion, lost love, love, passion, love,

A Love Story

I sowed love's seed in your heart
watched it become,a towering Might
I coached you,how to embrace your dreams
and fall for your lust,it seems...
I taught you, the language of sight
when we talked love,at silence of night
I showed you, what's a broken heart
how it felt, when lovers went apart
you learnt how the truthful hurts
"looking for a friend,but passion,then flirts"
Had whims overcome my conscious fears
I would have not seen your flowing tears
By God ,i've been, so honest to you
I'll love you, love you, loved you

Abbas Kiamiri

by Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh |
Categories: humanity, love hurts, people, poetry,

Rainfall Tonight

Let me return to past, let me recall tonight
With me cries, each corner and wall tonight

What let flowers to slit throat in my garden
Who has invoked the curse to fall tonight

My screams have awoken people from sleep
Separation to be mourned in rainfall tonight?

He might be Abbas-e-Ali collecting tears
Mourners have sighted him tall tonight

Mirza, your phone is ringing since evening
Who told you to deny her call tonight?