Love Poems About Abba or Abba Love Poems
by Eve Roper |
Categories: care, god, love,

Walk With the Lord Ink

When we walk with the Lord, mercifulness and kindness live within all of us; lead by the Light to see others in their dread. Let us not become latent with blindness. 3/4/2020 Poetry Contest: Kind Ink Sponsored by: Charles Messina
4 lines with a rhyme pattern ABBA with 10 syllable per line

by Daniel Turner |
Categories: angel, dream, forgiveness, happiness, love,

Night Angel

In deep slumber madness, she comforts me
Appearing, unencumbered, from the mist
Subconscious suspension our nightly tryst
Erasing my mind of bad memories
She mends and warms my soul so tenderly
Imbibing my thoughts and heart with her kiss
Lovingly fulfills a long ago wish
Thankfully restoring my sanity
Regularly she visits in silence
Enlightening my dreams with wholesomeness
Wiping my tears of angered betrayal
Exchanging her love for malevolence
I awaken with renewed happiness
Refreshed from the angelic portrayal

   an original poem by the "poemdog" Daniel Turner
Italian Sonnet rhyme scheme abba  abba  cde  cde
  14 lines  10 syllables per  140 syllables  80 words

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: winter,

In Hush of Winter

In hush of winter, wrapped in white,

come tread with me in satin snow.

The boughs hang low; no wind doth blow.

My love, come see the wondrous sight!

(Rhyme pattern ABBA)
Nov. 17, 2021
for Caren Krutsinger's November Or December Quatrain Poem Poetry Contest

by Olaoluwa Samuel |
Categories: appreciation, care, emotions, gospel, inspiration, inspirational, love,

His Presence

Your favour and mercy very tender 
Why you give them to me i still wonder
Then i realise its the grace am under
It does all things for me even clears your anger
Which helps me cry Abba-father

Your voice i hear in silence 
Sometimes i doubt with pretence 
Knowing fully well its you
Waiting for what to do

My very thought you read
Providing the things i need
All i ever ask is for you to take the lead
And be my guardian
Or give me a custodian

So as not to be a weed 
Which is uprooted and made a feed
But make me a mammoth 
That people can stay around and build a small hut

by Kurt Ravidas |
Categories: love, relationship,

I Love You But I Don'T Know Why

I love you but I don’t know why.
I love your lips which seem too thin
for a kind person, your grey-green
deceitful eyes which are too dry
and too unmerciful to cry
for broken hearts. I love your skin
which chilly whiteness is akin
to fallen snow in hot July. 

I love your blush when I begin
to talk of the engagement ring
which I allegedly have bought. 

I love you but I don’t know why
I love. The only thing that I
don't love is that you love me not.

A modified French sonnet (abba abba bbc Aac)… Hm, wait a sec, that's what I'll call you! A French abc-sonnet :3

by Sally Eslinger |
Categories: christian, flower, love, spiritual,

Untitled Haiku, Abba

Haiku, ABBA

dear ABBA I hum
the Holy Spirit lingers
a rest in my soul

(c) sally Young eslinger 1/15/2021
Thanks be to God

by David Smalling |
Categories: death, love, heart, heart,

The Jaded Eye

Death is not death but a mask of great love
That protects us from pain in archived dust
Where vanity veils and desire dreams lust,
And the spirit's retreat is safe above.

Behind the mask like wings of woodland dove
A heart still beats, and footsteps break the crust
Of memory with shadows of her bust
Along the staircase of time and true love.

For love is eternal and cannot die,
Though a heart may pine itself bare to bones;
The soul that loves forever in the eye

Of God, a kindred spirit life enthrones.
The mask that fools the jaded mortal eye
Is but fickle flesh cradled on our bones.

ITALIAN (Sicillian) SONNET: abba abba cdc dcd

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: christmas, fun, jesus, joy, love, magic, song,

Joy and Magic At Christmas






Written on 12/4/2022
For: Christmas Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Bobby May

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: lost love, passion

She Lived Without

As though she were a moon in sky of nights unstarred;
as though a silent, untouched plain was Heloise
when parted from the one who'd been her rain and breeze.
She lived her life, but lived without her Abelard.

(To anyone interested, this is one of the greatest love stories in history!
The book I read of it really moved me. If you never heard of this couple,
I hope you will Google it and check out the story! The book I read was 
"Stealing Heaven," by Marion Meade)

For Brian Strand's Contest (abba end rhyme)

by Jared Pickett |
Categories: foodangel, angel,

Peaches, Pineapples, and Pears

ABba abAB abbaA
A Rondel
For LMB's contest

*Peaches, Pineapples, and Pears*

Peaches, pineapples and pears
chilled, topped over my angel food.
This helps to sweeten my sour mood,
this, my secret love affair.

I cut them into little squares
drain, contain, and later drink the juice.
Peaches, pineapples, and pears
chilled, topped over my angel food.

No other dessert can even compare
to this delicacy for me, not you.
I must satisfy my sweet tooth,
there won't be enough to share!!!
Peaches, pineapples, and pears...

Name withheld until contest is over

by Reason A. Poteet |
Categories: 11th grade, appreciation, celebration, prayer, spiritual,

Triple AAA

Ave! You alone are the Absolute and Almighty Authority --Appoint and anoint us as agents in your army against the antagonist as he awaits his Avenger and the abyss Alleluia! You are our Advocate, abiding, awe-inspiring, able, and appealing --Admonish us again in our avarice, abuse and anger --Aid us also to abandon adultery, abortion, apostasy, arrogance and anxiety. Amen! You are the Ancient of Days, the Alpha, Abba, Adonai, Anointed One and the I AM. --Accept the aroma of agape love arising in the air as we act in one accord.
written March 28, 2019 Sponsor: Beata Agustin Contest: ALLITERATION REGARDING RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD

by Anil Deo |
Categories: christian, destiny, easter, hindi, jesus, love, spiritual,

What Love Is This

What Love Is This
When I first saw your face I knew you had some grace - I did not know how much Having seen you, I also knew You were not my type: I was Hindu - I didn’t know: not very much Your Spirit is so gentle Your siblings have that mantle - I know you have love and Truth When I live out your dying for my family When your words carve messages inside me - LORD JESUS I can only weep at such love The mystery unfolds with the Holy Spirit Gentle Spirit, always One, triune as a Unit - Abba Father you direct all from above! © Amen & Shalom by Anil Deo, for EASTER: 03292017

by Judith Evans |
Categories: daughter, family, father, forgiveness, husband, loveme, truth,

Abba (For My Father and My Husband)

Love speaks truth into the darkest heart
Where ministering angels stir the soul's delight.
Interred till now beneath a bitter night,
Released this day from bleak resentment's art.
Love, reach deep even though we are apart.
Dismantle lies and give me sacred sight;
Illuminate those wounds born of spite.
Forgiveness sighs, then wakes with a start.
The strand which connects all fathers has led me to one
Whose poems sing praise to God's own truth revealed
Through the Holy Spirit, Mary, and the Son.
A father's heart, so tender, is concealed 
Until that inner angel's work is done
And a daughter's vision, through heavenly grace, is healed.

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love,

Within His Eyes

We’re dancing. As I gaze into his eyes so dark and beautiful, what do I see? Within his eyes - reflecting back to me - Love’s promise shines with warmth devoid of lies. For Silent One's When A Fourth Line Helps It To Rhyme! Poetry Contest Rhyme Scheme: ABba

by Cathi Spooner |
Categories: faith, heart, inspirational, love, religion,


ABBA, redeem my heart
By Love’s sweet embrace;
Gently whispers life in me,
My soul set free.

Open wide your sweet embrace,
My ABBA, enfold me please
In waves of grace;
Safe haven in the storm.

Lost sheep cries out
To ABBA without doubt;
Love’s sweet embrace secure
Upon return
And lesson learned.

ABBA’s love is sweetly given
When open hearts abide
Resting by His side
In hope of reassurance
Unending love held near.

Will I receive
And not deceive
This fragile heart of mine?

by Linda Hays-Gibbs |
Categories: beautiful, bible, heaven, inspiration, inspirational, paradise, religion,

I Cry Abba

Oh God I cry Abba! Abba!
Have mercy on me I beseech thee,
on such as I!
lest I die
I cry Abba! Abba!
I'm blind 
Oh let me glimpse, let me see 
your majesty 
just a speck for I am a mote in the dust of your time for your love is so sublime
I cry Abba! Abba!
Just one touch
But it is too much to hold how could I be so bold
But I cry Abba! Abba!
I love you! I praise you! King of the Universe! 
I glorify you with all that I am 
may I be worthy let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight 
    let me not depart
Let me dwell in your light
Let me glorify thy might as 
Cry Abba! Abba!

by Erin Werner |
Categories: dedication, faith, me,

Captain of My Vessel

Abba Father you are to me..
The very essence that I breathe.

I will worship you and praise your name.
Through the storms of life and waves of pain.

I am your sailor and you are my captain.
Guiding me through no matter what happens.

The world cannot promise love forevermore.
Only you Jesus, can bring me safely to the shore.

by Balveen Cheema |
Categories: death, fear, heart, love,

My Worst Fear Factor

Ruminating over the droning sound deep down my heart
Is a nerve wrecking experience of my hidden fear
Not of any suffering nor death of my loved and dear
Neither materialistic loss is suffering's counterpart

Losing my grit and strength could be my malefactor
In the long ongoing struggles of life's voluminosity
They wallow me up in the arms of night's luminosity
The defeatist attitude of giving up is my worst fear factor

Rhyme: abba, cddc
June 21, 2016
For Laura Loo
My Worst Fear Factor

by Doris Culverhouse |
Categories: inspirational, i love you,

Clear Skies

Clear skies today after so long in the rain
Bright and pristine purified by the storms
A rainbow cloud set against the setting sun
Seem to call with a wink and wave
Saying just for your joy today
Remember Abba is with you always
Beauty is because I love you unconditionally
Bask in the greatness of I am
Infinite warmth and eternal abundant life!

by Johnny Rhinem |
Categories: art, baby, cancer, love,

Dig, These Fallen Hookers

We could never say within good conscience that this country
Has ever been a great place or truly even her blessing given misery
From whence she was borne ? Lingering here today and better what Styx
Might say, Your fooling yourselves but you don't believe it ? Tis never been their
Masses whom have tainted as poisoned humanity; albeit this flesh no, wasn't designed
To embrace heaven's holy light: most assuringly an enmity, of love's beautiful and priceless
Spirit, crying abba Father ? Thus while joey crocker crotch gathers his wayward dumplings; spill the wine.

by Cathi Spooner |
Categories: forgiveness, grief, heartbroken, journey, love,

Life Is a Healing Journey

The heart above all things, most fragile,
     bears all things.
So easily wounded when past scars beckon;
Unhealed, unreckoned.
Reminding me;
     of life’s journey past,
     awaiting to be healed,
     forgiveness to be sealed.

Forgiveness must allow
     the healing that I wish.
For the heart above all things, most fragile;
     bears all things where love abides,
     when healing does reside.

Today, an opportunity not to miss
     the healing that I wish.
So, ABBA, forgiveness I release
     so healing will replace,
     and love most precious will abide
     when forgiveness does reside.

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: adventure, appreciation, dedication, devotion, god, jesus,

Madah--I Do Sing Praises To My God--

Sing Lord My God I WILL RAISE MY HANDS IN PRAISE; Chant I SHALL CRY OUT YOUR HOLY NAME Praise I AM LOVE YOU ABBA (Father) Glory, holy PRAISE YOU ADONAI Mercies EL ELYON The God most high Sing--I WILL RAISE MY HANDS TO THE SKIES HALLELUJAH Shout--The Lord of peace the Lord is here(there) Reach out--My God, My God be everywhere Praises--Yahweh-Tsidkenu, the Lord our righteousness HE WILL PROVIDE HALLELUJAH
3/28/19 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©

by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: love, passion,



              Eye lash flashed, sparkled at your blink.
              Glance reflected, set at naught right
              sufficed my look to be caught tight.
           Passion of vortex flowed to sink.
           My thirsty eyes sent looks to slink.
          Ardent ardor shone as spot light
        Restless urge, wobbling heart brought fight.
        Eyes met, looks reflected on brink.

        False, fake wrath of face had no link
        with depth of love as eyes bought bright 
        Desire reflected on hot night.
        Closing eyes, come close to blush pink.   

 Rhyming Style   abba   abba   abba.   8 syllables per line



by Jeremy Street |
Categories: art, baby, cancer, love,

Abba Father a Breath Away Your Doors

Their malnurished soiled child, setting aside time's stream
Somber the baby's eyes; waiting for a dream ? Seasons come
Years going by his pale rider passing everyday upon the otherside
Black and white there are no dimensions just, mutilating life madrigal
It's anguished notes draped her caskets immolate, reticent wails touching
Truth's monolithic bier this requiem ever tolling such bells innate's, maltese cross....
Creation's creature as a newborn in awe; intrigued by love's infant while together they walk.

by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: faith, religion

Adored Love Lord Above

God above loves righteousness; it is ADORED.
He sent his son to us because of his great LOVE
I am forever grateful to my living LORD.
Jesus died on the cross, arose and lives now, ABOVE.

© May 21, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Congest:
Sponsored by: Brian Strand