Love Poems About Abb or Abb Love Poems
by Dhadz Belir |
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HE Is, But HE

He is not a robber
But he stole my heart,

He is not a painter
But made a piece of art.

He is not a clown
But he makes me laugh,

He is not a laborer
But he knows enough.

He is not a dancer
But my beat, he did rhyme,

He is not a mountaineer
But my mind he can climb.

He is not a messenger
But he, his thoughts send,

He is not a writer
But he creates a legend.

There is no other than him,
And that is it! Just him.

11:30 P.M.

by Dhadz Belir |
Categories: love, sorry,


Sorry for being dumb,
But darling, I'm not numb.

In the name of love, yes! I succumb,
Because I am tame, I am a lamb.

09:57 P.M.

by purbasha roy |
Categories: beauty, color, longing, love,

Feather in the wind

Feather in the wind

My love is the feather in the wind
In bird song hours of streaked dawn
Tossing through tidal seams of times gone

Through the woodlands of my poems lost
Wavering in purple shine of yawning skies
As serenading breeze with my love harmonize

To reach the current of verses creek
Warm sunbeams dance in rosy glint
Hurling forgotten feelings faded imprints

To weep tears of calmest bliss
In the illusion of time where we once were
Tugged in scented blooms spur

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