Love Poems About Abating or Abating Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: pets,

The Nail Biter

He bites his nails beside me on the bed
so loudly!  This strange habit is most grating.
I’d like to throw a pillow at his head,
but he would just continue, not abating.

I’m used to just how vexing he can get,
like when he begs for food that I am eating.
When someone comes to call, he gets upset;
then settles down and gives a gleeful greeting -

Unless the visitor is someone small!
He sits and stares if I pick up a child
then panics if the infant starts to bawl.
I love my doggy though he gets so wild!

Although a naughty child himself is he,
how sweet and trusting is his love for me.

by Janette Fisher |
Categories: angst, death, husband, lost love

A Kiss So Sweet

My life was gently moving on
Grief abating, resolve growing strong
Until his kiss, within a dream
Ripped away the seams
Holding back the pain deep in my core,
Tears fell once more.....

by Peter Rangus |
Categories: loneliness,

A Stranger

No man has loved a stranger so, As my have friends adored me. Through time that passed us by so slow, They showed but love toward me. Yet when I weep they see me cheer, They do not feel me rotting, They haven't seen my darkest sphere, They are no good at spotting. Remaining only seen by me, I'm my reflection dating. I'd like to fly somewhere and see, If she's indeed there waiting. But I can't grow a pair of wings, I'm forced to be awaiting, For you to tow our pair of wings, So we can stop abating.

by Andrea Travis |
Categories: life


Wanting, waiting
Desperately seeking
Searching, eyes fading
Tears are streaking
Hope not abating

Looking for signs
Distant, heartbeat
Stars to align
To be complete
Have something as mine

Here within the void
Widening, berth
Love to be enjoyed
All that its worth 
Not to be toyed

Lost to life
Stranded, islet
Upon stormy strife
To be found yet
In the counterlife.

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: i love you,


Absence of the blooming flowers
Bakes the heart of love in tears
Soul of the crimson buds I hail
Effacing the aches from the dale
Name the feelings a life for you
Curing my green eyes from yellow
Ease me, O Beloved, abating due

February 22, 2023

A Forms and Words Challenge Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Sotto Poet

by David Mohn |
Categories: death, spiritual,

Moving On

The slow soft solitary waltz has begun 
Thoughts of unfulfilled dreams and goals 
Thoughts of love and lovers loved and lost 
Thoughts of smiles created and eyes elated 
Thoughts of fear fading, consciousness abating 
Kinetic stardust to history’s whispers 
Eyes closing, going home

by James Bagley |
Categories: love,

First Time Love

Watching, waiting, breath never abating
                                         Sitting here nervous, shaking
                                             I am waiting, take me

by Carol Mitra |
Categories: deep,


Reborn here now without baggage
Arrival of mornings package
Who knows what tales lie on ahead
That light of dawn woke me instead

I absorb the quiet, waiting
The dark restless night, abating
Caretakers of the morning light
Cracking open dawns yawning sight

As witness and participant
I count blessings coincident
How glorious that moment be
When the light shines generously

As I go forth renewed, refreshed
Bringing the light inside for me
My soul is quenched in love entrenched
My heart now beaming all sun-drenched

Sponsor: Unseeking Seeker
Contest name: Dawn

by Michael G. Weston |
Categories: anger, break up, first love, goodbye, longing, lost love, moving on,

Still Awaiting

I am here now,
Still awaiting…
Every moment,
Hope abating…

Are you there, love?
Still debating?
Yet, I hold on,
Still awaiting…

Any day now,
Still awaiting…
Heart is yearning,

Do you yearn too?
What’s frustrating?
Never mind I’m,
Still awaiting…

Losing patience,
Still awaiting…
Where are Cupids’
Arrows baiting?

Hurry darling,
No placating!
For too soon I,
Won’t be waiting…

by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: happiness,

Three Dionas In Happiness

Happy Heart

Color of love paints the heart
Having made a work of art;
As hate and sadness depart.

Smiling Face

Regardless of the weather,
Moment of smile fills the air;
Abating the storm's anger.

Glowing Eyes

In spite of the pain and woe,
No way will eyes become blue
Every day the whole life through.

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