Love Poems About Abash or Abash Love Poems
by Ajeyemi Wasiu Ajewumi |
Categories: girlfriend


Since it was you my heart 
since it was you
In a cloudy night
And a whistling wind
In all thin season
Why today you abash me 
dried leaves
You pierce my heart in
shambolic manner
You contempt my heart like
gloomed flowers.
It is you!
The distresses of my mind
Your beauty bisects my 
heart in
solitary ecstasy
Your beauty that 
brightens the
African sky
Make my love bodacious 
summer night
Like costly garment and 
Like invaluable jewel 
hanging on
Black damsel's neck
Since it was you
You anomalous attitude 
infuriate me
But to conjure me.

Written by: Ajeyemi 
Wasiu .A.

by Sotto Poet |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, lost love,

Oddly Gramophone

Day-glo dewy chuck berry faded daffodils woodlark fluid warble emerald chorus & abash earth drowsy petrichor on parched earth fall mist lyrics of glyphs thrum in sepia tones of whimpers & heart hums of lengthy boyhood & haunting echoes shattered bell's agonizing chimes In shadowy kaleidoscope dystopian swoon climax is symphonic & thunderous melancholy of tearful farewell remove dust mote of gramophone groove daily spirit sweep clean mental dust & embrace gratitude & love life's melody won't die eclectic idiosyncrasy happiness bid
Written: November 03, 2022

by Otieno Elvis Gikoi |
Categories: adventure, crush, cute, cute love, fantasy, for him, love,

The plot against the giant

The Plot Against the Giant:

First Girl
When this yokel comes maundering, 
Whetting his hacker, 
I shall run before him, 
Diffusing the civilest odors
Out of geraniums and unsmelled flowers.
It will check him.

Second Girl
I shall run before him, 
Arching cloths besprinkled with colors
As small as fish-eggs.
The threads
Will abash him.

Third Girl
Oh, la...le pauvre!
I shall run before him, 
With a curious puffing.
He will bend his ear then.
I shall whisper
Heavenly labials in a world of gutturals.
It will undo him.

-by Otieno Elvis Gikoi

Categories: age, change, creation, discrimination, inspiration, integrity, motivation,


Life is to live
With eternal love
Love's to integrate
Not to discriminate
Role of human changes
But their love has no ranges
Abash them with kind
To punish the wrong and unkind
Invention is obviated
To live every mortal being uninterrupted