Love Poems About Abased or Abased Love Poems
by Cona Adams |
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 (Shakespearean Sonnet)

The blue-grass music blares from speaker's face
as guys and gals entwine moon-round the floor,
she sits alone, ignores the dancers' pace
although her ears record the rhythm score.

He begged her love; he painted instant fame.
She nursed her song in dreams alive to wit, 
she trusted him to give the verse her name,
and reasoned out they spun a perfect fit.

With traitor's greed intense, he stepped aside,
and claimed her song as his with no remorse.
He left her raw, his chest out-puffed with pride.
Disgraced, abased, her anger reinforced,

	she writes another song, recounts the tale,
	assured his star will now commence to pale.

by Tom Wright |
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God's Love

I see His footprints in the sand, Which time, for me, has not erased. I see those nail scars in His hands, In His death for me He was abased. Upon His head, a crown of thorns, They laid stripes across His back. As He stood at the cross forlorn, In His love for me there was no lack. Even Peter had denied Him thrice, But in dying for all mankind's sin. Jesus was paying the ultimate price, That mankind could be born again.

by Leon Stacey |
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To Have and to Hold

You have some things
That I do not possess
That I need from you;
But will I be abased
And look to you to receive it
The way you will give it.

I have some things
That you do not hold
That you need from me;
But will you be humiliated
And look up to me to take it
The way I know to give it.