Love Poems About Abaddon or Abaddon Love Poems
by Heather Condee |
Categories: death, depression, grave, grief, lost love, metaphor, sad love,


Ascultate my vociferation!
Contravene your sepulcher.
Insurrect our omnipotent.
I enjoin thine quintessence.
Whilom anon.
Euphoria salvo.
Eschewal Valhalla's porticullis.
Genitive hedonic, envisage.
Erewhon betwicts my gammons.
Imbibe of my mammilla's.
In perpetuum cache me.
Gehanna upon macrocosm.
Your Inamarata writhes.
Is thus kismet?
Cull Inamarato!
I abjure forthwith.
Abaddon velleity extirpate my noumenon,my pneuma.

by Pranab Jyoti Rava |
Categories: christian, god, me,

Oh Jesus

Help me please
It's thy love I seek
I see a faint reality
Thou shall bestow the celestial creek to me because
I do not know any heaven and I do not know if any abaddon is there

by Paula Lelitte |
Categories: devotion, love, passion

Lost In You

My hips sway to the rhythm of your heart
Oh, to have a touch so ethereal
That my body trembles
In anticipation
Have you made a pact with my soul?
To steal my heart in exchange 
For my utter surrender
For I have no comprehension
No perception 
No understanding 
This is my predicament
Use me, abuse me, 
Love sent to confuse me
Sanctified by some intoxicating compulsion
Lulled into a sweet acquiescence
For which there is no escape
Is this my Abaddon?
Or is this my Shangri la?
This mythical dream is unravelling my mind
All of your breath
Inhaled into my essence 
Until you inhabit all of me
In that moment 
I am lost