Love Poems About Abacus or Abacus Love Poems
by Nathan Hannen |
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For The Sea

For The Sea

By Nathan Hannen

There is a sea called joy and light, You let me know Im wrong and right
You live by this ocean of my thoughts, By the abacus bay with rows of noughts
Laughter heard, And laughter said, You are the thoughts in my head

The End.

by Jeff Connelly |
Categories: muse,

fingers and toes

the numbers
of age have
no meaning
when love is
using an abacus

she is minus
and i am plus
but meaning
nothing in
abstract geometry

to her concave
i'm convex in an
equation that
perhaps suggests
one can digest

the other or the
other the other
so so together
her youthful legs
rub off on me

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Happy ending and happy starting
Amidst of walking path of the life
Paid paddles of breath in decaying
Prone for the new rapturous hive
Yacht on stream of time lone running

New comes and old goes for memory
Everything makes bridge of love gladly
Waive the old pain to walk ahead calmly

Youth, this time is for our solemn promise
Enjoy peaceful world work together please
Abacus comes to utilize each second as pearl
Realize properly past, present and future world  

-January 01, 2018 Chattogram