Love Poems About Aback or Aback Love Poems
by Marissa Faries |
Categories: devotion, first love, soulmate,

Millennial Wisdom

I remember a lot of chemistries.
My memories, limbs and bones,
I value these the most.
I know the remedies.

I remember a lot of literacies.
My letters, numbers, and tones,
I make use of these the most.
I know the rhapsodies.

I am remembering how this love is divine:
Our moments, affections, and moans,
I am taken aback to a time
When our love used to be true.

I am remembering how you were once mine:
Our failings, longings, and loans,
I am now so set aback enough
To seek comfort in the newer you.

by Russell Sivey |
Categories: easter, life, water, me,

The River So Calm

The river is so calm, flows with such great ease It does move, but only when there is a breeze I feel like taking a dip in the water But most people would wonder what’s the matter It seemed like a good idea for Sunday Knowing its Easter, its cold, I say no way I’m a little crazy, but not that insane I sure would not do something quite this inane The water still looks pristine and beautiful I still put my toes in the water, prideful It takes me aback, but I love the cool feel It makes me feel alive, and know that I’m real Someday soon I will go for a swim in here When it is warmer, the best time of the year
Russell Sivey

by Ugwu Cornelius Chidera |
Categories: social,

Legion of Angels

L~egion of angels is a poetic colony of termites.
E~stablished out of a given root of love.
G~reat in vision,great in mission,great in art.
I~ndeed,they appear like ancient Greek writer's knights,
O~rganized in communion,humble as dove. 
N~o member stands aback in another's heart.

O~f all cities they've conquered at eastern Anglomore,
F~lairly enough,they continue conquesting more.

A~ngels are watering cans of blessing,
N~atty means of God's messages,
G~littery gold of priceless cost,
E~mmaculate stands their dressing.
L~egion,this colony,for all ages,
S~tand to replace all angels dost.

by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: care, happy, how i feel, imagery, life, love,

On Timetable Happiness

Past the years of innocence
Moreover the renaissance
Gazing to familiar faces
Familiarizing myself as it effaces

Now, I have been here four days
I can say it's all worth the pay
Was taken aback by few changes
Doesn't matter as long as nothing hinges

Priceless happiness, I can say
Undoubtedly, No one can take
Obviously, I want to stay more
However, I can't as before..

Few months I have been away
Unexpected events make each way
Defying the odds on quay
All the best, I want to lay

By: olive_eloi

by Molly Cooper |
Categories: daughter, love


Taken aback by her glow
My heart surges with love

I watch her sleep throughout the night
Yearning for her to wake at suns first light

With pride I watch her play and explore
Throughout the day, learning more and more

I am filled with everlasting love
My daughter
Yes, she is the one

by Dan Cwiak |
Categories: i miss you, love, moving on, romance,


J ust as I started to fall for you
A nother entered my life.
N o, I was not expecting it to happen there
U nder the Oak where we first met.
A nyone would have been taken aback
R eminiscences of our young love
Y et are you her eyes.

   Born 1/8

Written: 8/9/15

by Tracey Kraft |
Categories: love


Longing to look into your eyes
Outcasted by those who do not believe
Vunerable to your words
Enlighten by your wit and charm

Lost in thoughts of you
On top in the world with joy
Vastly taken aback by your smile
Exceeding all expectations

Lured by your golden hair
Once upon a time
Voluntarily welcoming your every move
Ever lasting light.

by Vijai Pant |
Categories: love,

Love- No Sweet Little Thing

Loaded with expectations
It was
Passions guided it
His quick moves 
Surprised his own self
She taken aback
“It was fantastic
I enjoyed it,” she lied
“So did I,”
He was not honest either
Reality very farther
They waved
The goodbyes
It had taken
Long time coming
But when 
The meeting came-
There were 
No love songs
Nobody crooned
Nobody grooved
A damp squib
It was clumsy
The kisses
The smooches
The embraces
The gentle touches
The love making
Love on social sites
More promising
Real love
Not all 
That ‘sweet little thing’

by Sajdah Al-Riyami |
Categories: love

No Way

Silk flaxen braids
The sapphire pools of enchantment
The bottomless look of mystery

And she twirls
 Her hair lax in airstreams
 A glimpse beyond that caving fringe
A curl at her cherry’s end

My eyebrows taken aback

O am I blessed to be seen!
By the beauty in the breeze
Now does she stride,
To where I stall!?

She strolls past
Like the blind in a mist
Of whom she is

Corrected by Corrine,

by Curtis Johnson |
Categories: christian, prayer,

God-Given Garments

I am blessed and highly favored with the acquaintance of a Godly one
Her approach to God's throne most assuredly invokes His Presence

From my vantage point, her example of devotion is incredible
I am often taken aback by her love for God and His people

The touch of God that I see upon her life is very inspiring
I am moved when I observe the way she meditates

I admire the way she sits quietly in His Presence
I am overwhelmed by her early morning rises

I am deeply touched by the way she sacrifices
May she keep being the intercessor that she is

May she keep wearing her God-Given garment
Because anything less would be most unfitting


by Ilene Bauer |
Categories: memorial,

The Last Laugh

On a bench in the park,
A memorial plaque
Made my husband glance twice;
He was taken aback.

It basically stated,
“In memory of
Bernie Silverman…”
(Someone deserving of love.)

But a sentence was added
Which sure underscores
Bernie’s life – “Who preferred
To be (mainly) indoors.”

My spouse took a photo;
I chuckled out loud
But wondered if Bernie’d
Be angry or proud.

For the last place he’d be,
If the truth was portrayed,
Was outside on the bench
Where the plaque is displayed.

by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: joy, love,

At First Glance

Classroom of grade three,
A Newcomer makes an entry,
I stand on the other side of table ,
Am telling them a children's fable,

To welcome him is my pride,
Teacher just stands beside,
Taken aback at first glance,
A frozen consistent stance,

Before I could think of a start,
Teacher assigned me a new part,
To apprise him , till now the done work,
Enable cope up with rest, with little effort,

That's what I had heartily wanted,
God had taken my wish as granted, 
Knowing each other was not just by chance,
Soulful in love, attracted at first glance !

Written on 6/7/14
Contest- At first glance
Sponsor- Jared Pickett

by Alshaad Kara |
Categories: art, feelings, first love, lost love, love, romantic love, sad love,

Magic In the Sky

The magic in the sky,
Is a reflection of your eyes. 

As I see them,
I see the glance of an epitome of love. 

I plead with you to conquer my heart in your conquest. 

Such treasure is a desirable venture.
My heart is taken aback, 

Hopefully I shall not sew my little pocket back,
To keep my heart away and close to you...

by Larry Mcmillan |
Categories: for her, imagery, love, poetry, romance, romantic, word play,


Normally it is I who astounds But this time around It is I taken aback by the grace that abounds From her crown to the very ground The radiance was so bright If she was in my life 3 words no more nights Awe shucks I think I'm awestruck

by Johnny Rhinem |
Categories: angel, art, autumn,

Horns of His Unicorns

Taken aback unto the Book of Mark chapter thirteen, this waning Summer's breezeful night...
It seems to have become a recurring scene for me ? Being led, to these same theme's verses
Albeit a bit more profound somewhat today; having my Spirit stirred earlier amid foreboding; perhaps 
Eyes opened wide and most definitely in tune picking up vibes an omen; Jeremiah, His yoke be doom ?
Reading once more Heaven's Messiah; Son of the living and only true, "GOD." Two thousand 
Years beyound these words prophetic a microscope so fitting as clear ? The times are ripe..
Her fig tree bends; love ? Somber this heart but yes mere man; vague inside, their smoke-filled glass.

by Joshua Hornsby |
Categories: life


What appears to the eye
uncovers the soul
with infinite truths 
of both light and black

Hearts cling too dearly
to their perished flames
Sailing wept waters
that stream slowly aback.

We live and die as one
fruit of prized passions
that bind and blind us
on some grander scale

Questions soar through seasons
Obscure, unanswered
Shielding the secrets
only love should unveil.

by Nancy Lim |
Categories: family, me, anger, me,


I see your shadow patrolling the house
I see your eyes glaring at me 
With anger and disgust
I see your lips move
Hurling insults and abuse
I see your anger stirring
Waiting to thrust

It strikes me hard, I am taken aback
Years of this, I should have been numb.
But how do you get used to it?
How do you stop? 
A strike that goes straight to one’s heart.

Papa, did you ever love me through my years?
Did I embody all of your fears?

When on my wedding day, you gave me away
I looked at you for a moment.
Then, a tear fell at the corner of your eye, 
To my new husband you said,
`I give you my child.  Care for her,
Care for her better than I have….’

by Anee Gogoi |
Categories: absence, best friend, betrayal, conflict, crush, depression, romantic,


Nothing remains now.

Only remains 
Is everything 
You shared with me  in the past.

The long lost of the dear ones 
Settle in my memories.
Feels like I am the one who cares for her
Who loved her.
The time when we are holding each other hands.
Everyone wink  us.
But we  care for no one.
No one dare to talk about us.
We are happy with each other 

But now when I became fat
Everyone makes fun of me
Even you who loved me 
Slightly turned aback from me.
I was there for you
But you feel that I make you shame.
Is it that 
What makes you numb.
To love me.

I am snnobish to love you.
And think you as me.

by James Parker |
Categories: angel, for her, god, i love you, love, poems, women,


Did God sit back 
to admire the beauty 
He created in her?
Was He taken aback 
by His own doing?
Never realizing His ability 
to create something 
that took His own breath away?
Only realizing later 
He was giving the world a gift
Bathed in the beauty of Heaven
she gives us the sense 
of everything He’s capable of
Was she made 
to compare to the wonders 
of the universe 
was the universe 
made solely for her wonderment?
I would make a million stars
for her to admire
It’s easy to see why a world 
would be created for her
Maybe God sleeps
and she is what He dreams?