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by john aaron green |
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Never Undone

On this Sunday I serve my Lord His ways are true His love is reward I knew as a boy he saved my soul gave me life made me whole His love is everything my heart has changed In him is forgiveness my future arranged God's plan was perfect His Word was sent to redeem our souls our death to prevent our way to heaven is through his Son, His blood covers all and is N-E-V-E-R U-N-D-O-N-E. Written by John Aaron Green 1-8-12

by Line Gauthier |
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Once upon a time a long long time ago
Prince Aaron was riding his unicorn
When he met his precious princess
In the enchanted forests of the Ottawa Valley
And saved her from flying fiery dragons
He was so strong valiant and brave
Thus started a romance that would last a lifetime 
One day they would throw the wedding of the century
But for now the prince needed to go to sleep
And give in to the dream land of elves and faeries
As mommy continued to read his bedtime story

AP: Honorable Mentoin 2022, Honorable Mention 2020

Submitted on June 8, 2018 for contest FAIRY TALE POETRY sponsored by ALEXIS Y.  -  RANKED 2ND

by Gershon Wolf |
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Peace - the noblest goal to work for

Peace is not just the absence of war
  Peace is the noblest goal to work for  

Peace between mother and father, sister and brother
  Peace between friends and strangers, and all the others

Consider Aaron, the High Priest of Old
  Who brought enemies together, so bold

To love peace, to pursue it, was Aaron's creed
  Love of his fellow man, his greatest deed

He was Moses' older brother, yet humble, down-to-earth
  His burning quest for peace the measure of his worth 

Peace needs step aside for Truth, some say
  I say, True Peace ~ for Truth lights the way

by Raul Moreno |
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God called for you untimely,
  Six and a half years have passed.
But I can still remember,
  The lovely time I saw you last.

You was a welcomed surprise,
  On May 15th, 2002.
But then for some reason,
  The good Lord summoned you.

A feeling I can’t explain,
  The letting go of a son.
He will always be our child,
  We love and miss you Aaron.

For Robin and the Gass family
With love and respect from 
one poet to another.
Robin, this is from your perspective...Raul

by kash poet |
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To Phyllis Babcock from kashinath

Phyllis!Phyllis! Help me outta this! Tell me how to write and please you? P.D. has ordered 'Write on Phyllis, you must oblige or will perish!':) So I googled your name 'Phyllis', you from Canada,your name from Greece. I know you are kind and tender, all these made your pen much sweeter. Oh,yes!Tell me how is Aaron, your bundle of joy,little grandson! For him all my blessings and love, cell phone ringing,my time is up. Tell me one thing just secretly, has P.D.ordered you too,like me? =============000============= :)Obviously PD didn't order me:))) Placement:1st ;(January 2012) Contest:Gift Exchange Sponsor:Poet Destroyer(Irma) By:kashinath karmakar

by Savannah Rose Harper |
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Savannah Smith-Harper

Savannah Rose Annoying, friendly, caring, listener Sister of Aaron and Carolyn Lover of Art class, books, and my friends Who feels embarrassment, happiness, and love Who fears loss of friends, family, and chocolate Who would like to see Journey from 1973, God, And Nephi Resident of Anadarko,Oklahoma Smith-Harper

by Rocky Swartzfager |
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Brother, son, uncle, artist
Brother of Aaron, Amy, and Jessica
Lover of the arts, cute girls, and love
Who feels happiness, love, tired
Who fears rejection, pain, and falling
Who would like to see Tokyo, Hollywood Undead live, and an acceptance letter to MIT
Resident of Clarkston, Washington

by brian anderson |
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i am the wolf
in the middle of three
a gemini by nature
between the young and old
the middle of the road
i walk
but always connected
to the pack
of three
minus me
a distant howl
brings me 

*for marvin and aaron. i love you guys

by ilene bauer |
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Uncle Aaron's Passing

My father's older brother
Passed away at 95.
That's 40 more years than
His younger sibling was alive.

My father never lived to meet
His grandkids or to know
The joy that such relationships
Allow to bloom and grow.

My uncle, though, had much more time
To travel, live and learn 
But sadly, from his children 
He got nothing in return.

Estranged from both (not by his choice)
He, like my father, missed
Connecting with the family 
From which he was dismissed.

Yet Uncle Aaron had the love
Of others; I am one
Who'll mourn his death much more
Than both his daughter and his son.

by Bob Tyler |
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The Greatest Miracle

Is there anything too hard for Him
The God that made an axe head swim
Who healed a blind man with some mud
And made the rod of Aaron bud
He led His people through the sea
And drowned the pursuing enemy
He fed five thousand with a prayer
And caused the Holy Veil to tear
Because of Jesus we enter in
The Most Holy Place without sin
And meet with Yahweh face to face
Due to Christ’s abundant grace
Of all the miracles God has done
This surely is the greatest one.

by Dennis Spilchuk |
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Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves

Falling leaves, touching the ground softly;
Why can’t love be more like falling leaves?
But when they fell on me,
They knock me off my feet,
And all I could see was you leaving me;
And falling leaves.

Falling leaves, falling hard on me,
Why is love mean, like falling leaves?
And all I can see is you leaving me,
And falling leaves.

Falling leaves
Touching the ground softly
Why can’t love be
More like falling leaves.

   Elvis Aaron Presley was born on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi, and died on August 16, 1977.

by ilene bauer |
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My Uncle Aaron

My cool and cultured uncle
Loved the theater, opera, art.
He opened up my eyes to worlds
That tapped into my heart.

In neighborhoods I never knew
He settled and he thrived.
His travels proved that from such trips
I shouldn’t be deprived.

He rose above his setbacks
With both confidence and grace
And every new experience
He’d conquer and embrace.

The yin to his kid brother’s yang
(That brother was my dad),
I treasured him as counter
To the growing up I had.

If we’re in luck, we love our folks
But also get to share
An aunt or uncle, giving life
A dash of extra flair.

by Robyn Cobb |
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My Love, Aaron

Oh, my  boyfriend-on-demand

I am filled with hope that I may dry your tears of mountain dew.

As my fists fall from its grip, I am reminded of your squirmy nerdy body.
In the hushed, I listen for the last sounds of pee missing the toilet.

My heated Mad Face breathes inside my hardened soul.

I wait in the kitchen for your Ugly Head so that we may break up as one, Mad Face to Mad Face; in search of the glorious breakup, it's almost sensual saying the final goodbye of love.