Love Poem: Zombie Love Sonnet 3
Craig Sipe Avatar
Written by: Craig Sipe

Zombie Love Sonnet 3

Shall I liken you to a corpse bouquet?
You are certainly ripe and more fetid.
The fond zephyrs of May waft your decay
Up the addled noses of us wretched  
Hordes famished for flesh, lurching on the moor,
And me amongst them clawing to your scent
Putrix beyond the spitty chum’s allure
Propels me well beyond routine ferment
To you, though Fate’s sickle blade shall flail
My congealed member’s once firm resolve,
And fire inflames us just shy of the pale,
Our passion will continue to devolve.
   Ever, shall she be my prime cadaver,
   O to undie again, and to have her!