Love Poem: Where You'Ll Find Me
Kya Dreemurr Avatar
Written by: Kya Dreemurr

Where You'Ll Find Me

In forests full of winding trees
With a gusty flower-scented breeze
And tiger-cats forever running free
This is where you'll find me

I live in oceans, blue and vast
I stand on a great ship's mast
Pirates come, we share some tea
That is where you'll find me

Underground, where monsters roam
Waging war over a lost home
Low deep growls the humans flee
This is where you'll find me.

Flying high with butterflies
Holding children when they cry
Thinking about when you kissed me
That is where you'll find me

All alone in an empty place 
Coming, going without a trace.
An undying romance, love that whirls
You will find me in your DreamWorld