Love Poem: When Love Lets Him Down
Taylor Dibbert Avatar
Written by: Taylor Dibbert

When Love Lets Him Down

When he finally 
Gets around
To picking up 
The pieces 
Of his heart,
He realizes
That he still
Needs some glue
To put things
Back together again
And then
He looks around
And sees 
All the
Good stuff
And he sees
All the people 
Who were there
For him
And he knows 
That he can
Come back
To poetry
And then 
He thinks about
His amazing
Little dog
And if
Another woman
Shatters his heart
He knows
Where to go
After he's done
Believing that
She is the one,
He knows 
Where to go
To find the glue
That he'll need
To put the pieces
Back together again.