Love Poem: what is love
pummy sharma Avatar
Written by: pummy sharma

what is love

They say,
If character is lost

Everything is lost,

But what happens;

When somebody’s love is lost.

No one dares to comment,

No one will ever forecast,

Because definition of love is very vast,

Love is beyond caste,

Love is beyond state,

Love is beyond time,

Love is beyond country,

Love is beyond alpha century,

Love is like dust,

Circulating in the universe.

Love is in lover’s eyes,

Love is in lover’s sight,

Love is lover’s presence,

Love is in lover’s fragrance.

Love doesn’t mean always to get,

Sometimes it also means to lose.

Love doesn’t stop with separation;

It becomes more and more established,

Like sugarcane turns sweet;

With the running wheel of time.