Love Poem: What Is Beauty
Ngoc Nguyen Avatar
Written by: Ngoc Nguyen

What Is Beauty

What is Beauty? Is it Truth? Is it Art?
     Or the shape of the Golden Ratio?
     Whatsoever Beauty is, it does not show
in the proud and haughty, but in the heart

of them where love and charity take part;
     it manifests in the wise, who all know
     that hatred's a fault we must overthrow
to supersede with the logic of Descartes.

Behold! Beauty's what's perceived in the eyes,
     where the light of grace and intelligence
mingles in proportions none can surmise.
     Beauty is song, from whence comes the eloquence
of a bard, who, like a lark at sunrise,
     with lips sings strains that rival spring's opulence.