Love Poem: Transformation
Sidra Firdous Avatar
Written by: Sidra Firdous


In the cracking land of a dessert's mouth,
A flower felt a rolling drought.
Cutting it's own leaves and petals,
It writhed in thirst as a dying trout.

Praying from it's diminishing sprout,
for a hovering blessing, a single cloud!
It fell limp! Begged and wailed:
"End the curse; this scorching flout!"

And moisture, it's love, then shamelessly avouched:
"Kill your wait, start living without!
I nourish a place that makes me proud.
This love for me shall end in drought!"

The flower heard in helpless slouch,
Obeying, it grew needles to grouch!
The flower that which love was about,
Turned by pain into a cactus of drought!