Love Poem: Too late to resist
Thabang Ngoma Avatar
Written by: Thabang Ngoma

Too late to resist

My favourite sport
Serena on the tennis court
My ace in a pot
The plate on your stove red hot
Brimming with smells of exotic aroma
A vivacious spicy persona
The makings of a new recipe to taste
I'll be your chef for the night
Fingers clenched like a net
Slave to your tether like a pet
I’m about to play Russian roulette
With a fork and an omelette
Attracted to red, I reach for the heat
It burns too deep, too sweet
Surely this means stop
Boiling I’ve lost my top
And found your spot
In this steamy plot
I love the taste of meat
Marinated in fiery sweat
My taste buds receive a treat
Mouth drooling, body dripping wet