Love Poem: To my Stepdad
Skylisha Vasquez Avatar
Written by: Skylisha Vasquez

To my Stepdad

You mean the world to me
Brave, no care in the world
Biggest heart
Always looked out for us
Epecially me
Anything I needed
When I had children
They became like your own
Its appreciated 
I never can thank you enough
But you saved me from the hood
From the worst experiences 
From when I was born 
Until the day we met
Ive been through the worst times
And you came in and saved my day
My life
Thank you in everyway
Night after night 
I pray that you stay around 
Until the end of time
Even though we are far apart 
In distance
We will always be close 
In my heart
You are a huge part of me
Thank you so much
You may not know it
I love you for it!!!!