Love Poem: To My Other Half, My Fiance
Edward Orozco Avatar
Written by: Edward Orozco

To My Other Half, My Fiance

May this piece of art live in thy heart and soul for eternity
I counted the days, the minutes, seconds even until this day
For as long as I can recall, you have been my sight
I have wept over thy love, and I would gladly die for your well being

You once testified to the chant of the stars, for they sang my name unto thee
Called me your star, your sun, your all
Flattered I was and am, only you can complete my emptyness 

O' love of mine, moon of my night, light of my day
I promise you to always love you and be your rock as best I can

You are my everything, I will love you for the rest of my days so help me God.