Love Poem: Thunder Queen
Justin Bordner Avatar
Written by: Justin Bordner

Thunder Queen

The storm that is you thunders
slow and brilliant in my heart,
spliting my beliefs into bliss and blunders
tossing the limbs of my love from finished to start,

The hail sows no hate
temperatures taste extreme,
your fast weather pummels my pride's fate
the howl and moan stiffens my body's fleshy slate
with a new font spelling lust in capital sweat and gleam
as the conceit in me enjoys the torrent of your sorrow's date,

You hump me with a dying wish
placing me inside you, gently, romantically, undeniably selfish,
I fall in love with you again for the umpteenth time
and your face never grows old
shows no cold
disappears not in tragedy's confine,
overlapping my overview of life, hot and hellish
the art that is you pounces into view, the rumble I relish,

Wanting me to know what you deserve
breathing into me the smoke of your burning love,
I become love wrecked, quaking from the sting you serve
preserving everything your spirit spits and sings from above -