Love Poem: This Love
Tobi Gentles Avatar
Written by: Tobi Gentles

This Love

This love.
What is with this love?
What is love?
Why is love?

Love is pain. 
Love is growth. 
Love is like coming how from a long day and getting the greatest surprise of your life. 
It’s like rain for a farmer. 
Like food to a hungry child. 
Like a home. 

Love is for the blessed.
Love is for the worthy.
Love is because.
Because of hope.
Because of strength 
Because of life.
Without love, what must we believe in?

This love. 
What is this love? 
This love is a war. 
Because he doesn’t care.
He doesn’t love me.
He doesn’t even know what love is.
I don’t know.
This love