Love Poem: The Purple Belladonna
Debjani Mitra Avatar
Written by: Debjani Mitra

The Purple Belladonna

A demure damsel,  her prussian blue eyes. 
I astray all blurred, in subtle catalyze.
High cheek bones, beneath her caramel hair.
My purple veins pulse, in red wanton flare.

The pretty Belladonna smiles in cold blood,
Venom frolic my veins, they wilt in lava flood.
Extravagance of heaven, in blink of an hour,
I see lavender and lilac, in the toxic purple flower.

(Belladona in Italian means "beautiful lady",
 it is also a harmless looking poisonous plant with
purple flowers,.known as the deadly nightshade)

19th January,  2019
Submitted to Kevin Shaw Purple poetry contest