Love Poem: The Piper At the Gates of Dawn Version 2
Edward Clapham Avatar
Written by: Edward Clapham

The Piper At the Gates of Dawn Version 2

The Piper at the gates of dawn held dear Rat in thrall,
Distant notes beckoning him to come, come to me 
And pay your dues at my feet. So your messages sing to me
Their song of hope; each word invitation to dreams
Of rekindled love, their meanings the children of desperation
To be in your presence once more, supplicant to love,
My imagination building castles of candyfloss truth.
The Piper washed clean Rat’s memories, that awe
Did not dull his vision and pleasure of the world;
Nor loss bring despair and yearning.
But I have no Piper to give me a kinder fate,
Nor soothe my fears that all is fantasy and desire; 
Only the memory of your past farewell,
That speaks its doubts.