Love Poem: The Mistress I Never Had
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Written by: Joshua Abel

The Mistress I Never Had

Feelings I always express,
But the outcome she suppress, 
Lies I employed to impress, 
Her clichés put me in distress, 
Lamented for hours,tears raped my eyes, 
In all da agony, I still want her to be my mistress. 
Fasted but didn't pray, hoping she will comply. 
Mouths mocked that she is a temptress, 
Friends and foes, shouted and mumbled, 
My feelings feeling stronger, now it crumbled, 
A mistress, my misery, making me moody. 
Her heart my aim, her love my crown,
But her rejection, makes me wanna drown. 
If only she will tell me why, 
She wished I changed my name...

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