Love Poem: The Mason Jar
Samantha Mcdougal Avatar
Written by: Samantha Mcdougal

The Mason Jar

As this October moon is rising
I’m drifting in your cell
And mingling with each trinket.
I know you all to well.

I know your every coveted curve
And every secret shrine.
Your body is my temple.
I’m drinking in your wine.

I’m lingering on a sidewalk.
I’m humming out a tune.
I’m wanting you so openly 
As day is peaking noon.

Come hither to my dim lit quarters
In metallic sugared pace.
Your skin tastes of magnolia 
When pulling close your face.

Our basin days will whither
Now touching in a creek,
A combination cold clicked out
A slipping slithered leak.

Like filling up a mason jar
And stapled in a scry.
I’m needing you so openly.
My jar is sudden dry.